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Forgiveness is a hard thing to do, but we are asked to forgive our enemy, in the name of helping ourselves.

How does that work, I am hurt by someone, they are now my enemy, but I am asked to forgive them, then I am told it is good for me.

Well that is true, forgiveness is more for the person offering it, then to the person receiving it. It removes negative feelings from out daily thought, opens our minds and clears our heart. All of this is not only good for the soul, but its all healthy for the body.

Negative feeling, resentment and such all weigh down on us, it’s a heavy burden to carry. Forgiveness is a blessing to the forgiver, its a gift of love to self, along with a gift of love to the person you are forgiving.

So give yourself a gift, forgive your Enemy…

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The folloing was sent to me in an email, I am not sure who the original auther is, but I found it very profound and wanted to share it with you. I will list them here, and over the next few blogs I will break each one down (The break downs will be my own personal interpitation of the meaning).




The Best things to give:

  1. You’re Enemy: Forgiveness
  2. You’re Opponent: Tolerance
  3. You’re Friend: Your Heart
  4. You’re Child: A Good Exalmple
  5. You’re Father: Deference
  6. You’re Mother: Conduct to make her proud of you
  7. Yourself: Respect
  8. To all Men: Charity

I have this list in my Daily Planner, and see it everyday, hoping to have it inspier me, and help me to grow in to a person worth of God’s love, now I want to share it with you!


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Key #10: Enjoy Life

Key #1: Enjoy Life

If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. Yes it  may be hard work, but it still can be fun. See the challenge and see the fun!

This is the the most important rule, with out this rule all others mean nothing! You must enjoy life! Life is to short not to, so do nothing that is not enjoyable to you, in some way.

Please do not take this to mean that you should not work, if you find work not a joy, but rather try to find work that is a joy, and in the mean-time, make the current jod a joy. Find the fun in what you are doing. EVERYTHING has some fun in it. It’s up to you to find it or make it!

So how do you make fun, look at kids, and see how they do this, learn from the experts!

Kids are the masters of fun, they can make a good time anywhere anytime. It is a gift we all have, we just forget about it, and forget how to use it as we get older. And what a shame that is.

I can remember as a kid, i could have hours of fun with nothing more the an old shoe box, I really dont see that happening today,with myself, and what a shame!

It is that experience and energy flow that we need to rediscover. If we do not have a passion and the ability to have fun with that passion, then we really have nothing!

We need to fill our days with fun, sillyness and love of life. We need to be what we are created to be, people who live life alive, not live life dead.

So watch children, learn from them, and enjoy life, have fun and live well!


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Key #9: Higher Standards

You will only achieve what your standards will allow, so set them high, and reach for them daily…

We all to often want to see results the moment we do something, so we set our goals and standards low, that way we can easily achieved them, and see results. The problem is, if we set them low, we never achieve a higher level. We are always going for the lower level.

We produce a circular relationship, that keeps us down, not allowing ourselves to reach higher. By setting our standards and goals higher, we then start to learn how to reach out and achieve the goal that was beyond our reach before.

Start by looking at your goals and standards you have today, rank them a level of difficulty, where the set up to be achieved with easy so you could see instant results? Or are the set up to guarantee failure? Theses goals and standards need to be re-aliened with your true purpose. They need to me realistic, but still higher then before. Each goal or standard needs to grow from one the the other and they have to be organic, able to change and adapt to the situation at hand. Learn to take smaller steps to the larger goal.

Learn to reach beyond yourself daily, to reach for the standard you have set, once you have reached it, begin to reach for the next, and before you know it, your life will be new!


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Key #8: Get Excited

You must want what you are doing, you need to see it, and be excited about it

Excitement can be the difference between making and failure, if your not excited about, why bother!

What ever it is you are trying to accomplish in your life, new job, new marriage or new you, you need to be excited about it.

How do you expect to create something new, different and good, if your just ok with it, or you really don’t want to do it, It wont happen, you will fail unless you have an excitement about it.

Look at children, and how excited they get with a new experience. The eyes of a child see everything new as exciting. As adults we seem to have lost that ability. We need to rediscover the excitement of newness.

Find the fun and adventure in it, and get excited about it. And we can start off by seeing in our dreams. Dream of how excited you will when you are at the end, and use that excitement to work through the process. Use the energy to help you start and work thorough the hard parts. Any change we make ot ourselves is hard, but the excitement we create can help us through it all.

Excitement is like anything else, it takes work and practice, and you may fail along the way, but remain excited and hopeful and allow it to carry you to the end.


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Key #7: A Team Sport

Find support, friends, family, Church or Community. We are people who need others to help us along our way

Nothing is ever done in a void, everything you do effect other around you, so why not involve them in the process of changing your life?

We all need a support system, someone we can lean on when times get hard, and they will! Nothing,and I mean nothing good for you is ever easy. If it was we wouldn’t need blogs like this!

Having a friend to help you on your walk of change is a blessing, it gives you someone you can cry to, or someone to share the joy of victory with. They will help to keep you on track, and if they are a good friend, they will be hard on you!

Support from family and friends does not make you a weak person, rather it make you stronger, you are allowing others to help you, but you are also admitting that you need the help, it’s good for the ego.

Community is also a very important link to success, we all have a need to feel excepted and needed, so allow the community to deliver this need to you. Join groups and clubs, volunteer your time to a worthy cause, or find a support group to help you change.

But I believe that our faith life is the most important link to success, find a church or place of worship to help you calm yourself, and center yourself. Nothing is more humbling then remembering that you are just a small part of the cosmos, but also that you are loved just because you are!


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Key #6: A Daily Habit Starts Today

They say it takes 28 days to form a habit, make this day one… Pick one new healthy habit to start today.

Habits are a funny thing, we seem to pick them up with out even noticing them. Slang we hear everyday, songs we sing when we do certain things, almost anything can become a habit. But it seems that the things we want to become habits are “hard” to do.  We want to work-out, we want to walk everyday, eat good, stop smoking (yes stopping smoking is a habit)… And we let every thing stop us from forming the habit, but we still seem to pick up other habits with out even noticing… Why?

Because we make the new habit “TO BIG” “TO HARD” to do, we tell ourselves that we can’t before we even try.

Sure you may say, no I really want to work-out this time, and I am sure on the outside you really do, but on the inside your say, “It’s a lot of work, I have other things I could be doing…” and before you know it, your new habit is “NOT TO WORK-OUT” instead of “TO WORK-OUT”. They both are habits, it just one was easier to do then the other….

So how do we fix this problem, we don’t, you do! You have to get in to the habit of not allowing you to back out of a good habit! It’s all what we have learned to do over the years.

It all comes down to this:

Make today the first day of the new habit you want to achieve, if you fail today, then make the next day the first day of the new habit you want to achieve, and so on…. You can’t stop, because stopping will become the habit…

So start today, and everyday with one new habit, what ever it is, keep it simple and easy, then the hard and complex ones will follow…


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