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Live life Loud

Live life loud!


Live life as if it is the only one you will ever have!


All too often we hold back, we don’t let it all hang out, we live life in fear of living life. We need to let go, we need to live life loud, to scream it from our roof tops. We need to show all we meet that life is worth living, life is an adventure, and we need to be interactive with life.


On your path to change, you need to live the life you have with bold statements, bold actions and bold meaning. We need to live life as it was meant to be lived. We all need to show each other the value of life, that each breath we take is the first and last breath for that moment, make it count.


Live life loud; let all hear you let them look and question why you are proclaiming the glory and beauty of life. Let all who hear crave the loudness of life you live.


Live life bold; let all who see you look upon you with awe and wonder let them see the colors of life flow from your actions.


Life is worth living, but all too often we fail to actually live it, often from fear of living it wrong.


Life is an adventure, one worth taking, but all too often we sit the adventure out, out of fear of hurting ourselves.


Life is yours to live, so start today!



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Edging God Out

(NOTE: This blog is also posted on my STATIC Youth blog site, I normally do not post the same blog to both site, but I felt that this was a blog that served both site)



EGO… It’s a word we hear a lot about, we all have one, some are larger then others, but in someway we all have one.


The ego serves only one purpose, and that is to make you feel better about whom you are. That in-of-it self is not a bad thing, but the ego has no concern for others, or really for it’s self.


The ego will, and has, destroyed many a great person, all in the name of defending it’s self. The whole purpose of the ego is to self preserve it self.


The ego’s job is to make you feel better about yourself, and it will do what ever it needs to do to make that happen. The ego is the voice inside of you that tells you to kick them when they are down, to make others feel bad about them-selves; all in the name of lifting yourself up, making you feel better about you.


We see it all the time, and I am sure we have all lived it. We take the opportunity to use others disadvantages to our advantage. Sad but true… We here about it on the news, read about it in the paper, or we see it first hand, and we all say, tsk tsk tsk, how sad that another human would treat someone that way… But we fail to see it when we are the ones doing it, we justify it, we turn it around and repackage it, dress it up to make it look better, we may even call it by different names, but in the end its all the same, it is the ego doing its job, using others misfortunes to its advantage.


Some will argue that the ego is needed, that it really does serve a good purpose. But the argument is week at best and self-serving at all times. We tend to want to hold on to that which makes us feel better. Much like a drug addict, we need to get that ego fix daily or we start to go through withdraws. We start to feel the tingling of self-doubt setting in, the layers of falsehood start to peel off, and we head in to a tail spin of despair, as we try to piece back together the image of self that was created thru deception and ignorance of others.


The ego does not allow for God to truly be present in you, there is no room to serve to gods, the god of self and the one and true God. The ego replaces God with the god of self. This is why, many times through out the bible, we are warned about the sin of pride, the sin-of-self.


Why is that? If the ego is a good thing, God or Jesus would have said so, but they did not, they keep reminding us that pride (ego) is a road block to true happiness.


1 Corinthians 4:6
Now, brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying, “Do not go beyond what is written.” Then you will not take pride in one man over against another.


St. Paul warns us about pride, as do the saints and writers of the Old Testament. Pride is the work of the devil, it is his tool that is used to separate us from God, the ego (Edging God Out) is the most powerful tool he has, it is deceiving in its ways, make us feel that we are serving others, when in reality we are serving ourselves.


The ego needs to be dealt with; it needs to be overcome and destroyed, we need to remove the ego from our hearts and allow God to live there.


Pay for the Holy Spirit to come upon you, and wash you a new, pray that he removes from you the sin of pride, the sin of ego and allow him to work through you and with you.


Ego has no home is Gods creation, ego has no reason to live in the temple of God, it is an impure thought, one of distraction, and destruction of self and others.


The battle is long and hard, all the Saints of the world have battled with it, some have lost and some have won, but all have seen it for what it is worth, all have heard its true voice, the voice of lies the voice of death.


Matthew 16:23
Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”



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Authentic freedom does not meant doing what you want when you want to whom you want, but rather it means, understand who you are, and that you are not alone here.


All too often we think of freedom as a free for all. But freedom does not mean that, in any way shape or form.


With freedom comes great responsibility.  You now have the weight of the world on your shoulders; your life is not yours, when you are truly free. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, but really it’s not.


It is a paradox, one that will make you think, but not a contradiction. The more freedom we have, the more we are called to respond.


Our freedom is directly connected to our freewill. We gain freedom, by exercising our freewill in a positive and productive way. We make choices in our daily lives, choices that affect our ability to live a free life.


When we choose to go counter to the common good, we choose slavery, slavery to the consequences of our choice. When we choose not to listen to our conscience we choose to listen to the voice of evil, when we do that, we have just entered in to a slave/master relationship. With us being the slave.


Freedom allows us to make choices that benefit us and more importantly the world around us. Freedom demands of us, or rather obligates us to concern ourselves with the affairs of the world around us.


If you look at the world around you, countries where freedom is lacking, the over all population is less concerned with their fellow man, then in a freer society. The same can be said of individuals, the more freedom we and individuals have, and the more responsible we act to other, on the whole.


Freedom calls us to a radical obligation, a deep concern and a greater empathy to others. Freedom does not and can not survive if, we use our freedom for self gain, freedom is not an individual action or concern, but rather it’s a community, and global concern.


You can not change with out affecting others around you, and the world can not be a freer place, with out you changing with it.


We are community, we are all called to change, to a greater good, we are all created to be free and to exercise you freewill. But we must hear the call load and true, that freedom is not just about you, freedom is about all.



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  1. Can I really be happy in a world that is so messed up?
  2. Can I really change in a world that expects me to act a certain way?
  3. Can I really work hard and enjoy life?
  4. Can things really be a simple as some say and as difficult as others believe?
  5. Can mind over matter really make me a better person?
  6. Can positive thing positively make me change?
  7. Can I work on change, but still be the same?
  8. Can reading self-help books and blogs really make a difference?
  9. Can one deep breath really cleanse me of all bad feelings and emotions?
  10. Can I really change?


The ten questions can all be answered with one word YES! Yes you can change just because you want to, in a world gone bad (and really it has not gone bad), and yes you can use mind over matter, and yes reading my blog can help…


Change is a state of mind; it is a condition of the heart. Nothing is beyond our reach; all we have to do is stretch ourselves…


Life truly is what you make of it, and I believe that with my whole being, it is my essence, and my mantra of life.


So start today, and make life what you want it to be, just keep in mind, that others are doing the same, so we have to allow our beingness to interact with there beingness.



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Sometimes simplicity is called for and other times it is mandated!


We all too often make things to complicated, we tend to add a level of difficulty to any task we do, or to any achievement we wish to gain.


Just look at the new math being used in schools, we can’t just say 2+2=4, no that’s just way to easy. But in the end 4 is the answer we come too.


We feel that we have accomplished more, if it’s harder, more steps, or more confusing. But really it doesn’t have to be that way, we add layer upon layer to all we do, then we feel that we have accomplished a great and mighty deed.


We do this to ourselves, we tend to lean that way naturally, but I am revolting against that, if fact I have been for sometime, I refuse to make things more complicated then they already our. I take each matter I must deal with, and break it down to the simplest; I take the complicated equation and turn it in to a 2+2=4 equation.


If it is true at the 2+2 side of the equation, then it will be true for the complex equation also. The truth of the matter or the gain of the process will be the same, regardless of how we went about it.


As long as the process was healthy and prosperous, the formula used to get there is secondary. So why complicate matters more with complicated steps and procedures, reduce it to the easiest formula, and achieve greatness with fewer complications.


Live life by the 2+2 rule, and find that really nothing is that complicated to do or understand. Remove the layers of complexity that we have added, get back to the basics, and watch as your life clears up, and come back in to focus.


2+2 has always equaled 4 regardless of how you do the math, keep it simple, and straight forward, and your life will have a new clarity.



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Dark times happen to all of us, we all go through a time in our lives where all seems dark and damp, for some of us it happens only once and for others it happens more often, but regardless, it happens. If it hasn’t happened yet it will.


Mother Teresa went thought it, has did all the saints as I am sure it did to all great people of history. Jesus Christ himself went through a dark time, when he was in the garden; dark times are part of our life.


It’s not bad to have dark times, in fact I think it’s healthy, it acts as a cleansing time, but they can seem like the end of it all, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s not; rather think of it as the start of a new adventure, one of unlimited possibilities, one of hope and promise.


As with most things in our life, it is our outlook on the dark times that determines our outcome. Sure it is hard to have a positive outlook when life seems like it is imploding on you, bringing you down, and coloring all you see with shades of black. But it’s not impossible, nothing is.


We all have our dark times, and we all overcome them sooner or latter, It is said that Mother Teresa had years of darkness in her life. But one would never know it, based on her works of charity and love. It’s not that she was putting on an act for all to see, but rather she was using this darkness to find the light in the world, she was using this time of despair to fine joy and happiness. Her soul was heavy with nothingness; she states that she felt at times that God had left her and that she would never feel his presence again. But it was that wanting and needing God that kept her motivated, happy and positive.


We all can learn a lot from that little lady of Calcutta; she spent most of her life in darkness, but lived her life as if it was shinning forth with greatness; Most of us live or life of darkness, with only despair on the horizon.


How sad, to live ones life as if there is no hope, no concern or charity in this life. Most of us have more then we need, yet we fail to see or accept it for what it is.


So when the dark moments arrive, stop and think of Jesus and his despair in the garden or Mother Teresa’s life of darkness, and how they used the despair to make this world a better place, so really hw dark can your moments be? How much despair can you really feel? Yes we all do go through dark moments, some more then others, but we all do, its not the darkness that is despairing, its how we choose to live it out, how we choose to use these moments, we can choose to use it for self-pity or we can choose to use it to change the world we live in. Mother Teresa changed the world one person at a time, starting first with herself; we can choose to do the same.



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Delays and roadblocks are a part of life. We have to deal with them in all that we do. Delays at work, but we still must meet the deadline, roadblocks to getting the new house or remodeling the old.


Sometimes it feels like that’s all we have to deal with, like we spend more time walking around a roadblock, or catching up from a delay then we do actually doing the job at hand.


And to some degree that is true, but how we look at them makes all the difference in the world.


At my present job, I am constantly delayed, due to software or hardware issues, but my due date never moves, it is the only constant.  I can choose to see this as an annoyance, or an opportunity. In truth, sometimes it is both, but it’s the opportunity I want to focus on.


Delays and roadblocks can cause you frustrations, but they also can push you to your limits, and challenge you to out perform yourself. Make you think outside the box, and allow you to attempt things you would have never thought of before. This to me is the exciting part about roadblocks and delays.


Sure, I could choose to use them as a reason not to get my work done, but in the end that only hurts me, and my reputation. By choosing to see them as a challenge, a way to stretch my ability, and an opportunity to think outside the box, I am personally growing, and potentially creating something very new, exciting and different.


Sameness builds in to itself sameness. So the opportunities that road blocks and delays offer are wide and veered. In my own experiences, some of the best things I have created have been out of frustration due to time constraints because of delays and roadblocks.


I have had many in my current job, and have one now, I know I will be frustrated and a little annoyed, but in the end, I will use that energy to create something new and exciting, something I will be proud of.


In the end, it’s all how you decide to handle the roadblocks and delays they can be a blessing or a curse, how do you want them to be for you?



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There comes a time is our day to dayness that we must refuel our spirit, top off our energy and just tune-up our being. Well today is one of those days for me. I needed to stop and refuel myself.


Part of the process of creating a new you, is understands that it takes a lot of work, hard work. We really don’t think about it at the time, we just do what we must, but it takes a lot out of you.


Well I too am trying to create a new me, in a lot of different areas of my life, and as of late the process has been going strong and fast, God has called me to many different tasks, all at once, and today I said enough, I need me time, I need to refuel my spirit, my being. I need to rest. So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to spend time with me. Let my mind rest, let my beingness just do that, be.


I will be as I read, or clean the house, I will be as I do all the stuff I want to do, or not be, I will just be, all-day today, my goal is just to be.


I think its important that we allow ourselves the opportunity to get in touch with our beingness, or essence. To define beingness, I would say that our beingness is the core of who we are, as people. Not just our physical body, but also our soul, or spirit, or totality.


Beingness is the essence of which we are the center of our human life, here on earth. But we can not separate the body from the soul, the spirit. We all too often take care of the body and soul as two separate things, but in truth they arte one.


We need to learn to nurture both, we need to see them as one, they are our beignness, and they are our essence. They are what God has created. So today, I choose to nurture both.


How can we do this? Lots of ways, but first it must be an intentional act, one that we choose to make.


If you work out, to improve your body, listen to MP3’s of prayers, or meditations, so you are working both body and soul, you are working your beingness.


If you like to read, read inspirational uplifting books, so you are working out your mind and soul, your beingness.


If you are cleaning the house, play uplifting music or inspirational CD’s that challenge you, so you are working out your beingness.


We can incorporate it in all we do, we can work our body, mind and soul our beingness all at once.


So today, spend sometime with your beingness, and work it out a little, push it to its limits and allow it to grow.


As for me I am going to clean my house, and my soul, both can use a little cleaning. I am going to put my home and my beingness in order.



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We all have dreams, some big and some small, but they are dreams just the same.  Sometimes our dreams are realistic and some are not, but they are still dreams.


Dreaming is a part of life; we need them to survive, to grow, and to prosper. If we had no dreams, we would have no electricity, or cars; or much of anything else. We need them to challenge us and to help us grow.


I have a dream, one of the best know speeches ever given, and it was a great and grand dream, one the helped a nation to grow, and is still feeding the nation, and challenging the nation in to greater things. But the dream had to be there first, the dream has to stir the nation’s conciseness and excite the minds of all, the dream had to add new colors to the nations fabric, adding vibrancy to cloth of America, but it had to be a dream first, a dream in one persons mind.


I to have dreams, ambitions and callings, some to greatness, others to mediocrity, but dreams all the same, some of them have taken root in my being, others have flown off on there own, and yet some never seem to start, they just float in the pool of the mind, waiting for what I do not know, but they are there.


It is the essence of dreaming that makes us who we are; it is the ability to create, in our minds, that allows us to create in the world. It is the dream that allows us to be all that we are created to be.


Dreams are important to who we are, they define us, and help to create us, and the world around us. They are the essence of who we are.


We need to keep dreaming, big and small, we need to keep reaching for that moon beam, we need to lift ourselves up high, and call others to us. We need to allow the dream to penetrate us, deep in our core, allow it to motivate and move us. Allow it to rework our hearts, minds and soul. We need to allow the dream to color our life with fantastic vibrant colors, to shine for all to see.


I have a dream is a powerful statement, one that has changed our world, and colored existence for the better, but the dream can not stop there, it must be carried on. We must add to this fabric of life our own thread, our own pattern and colors. We must create a patchwork of dreams that will dazzle and stun all who see it. We must live life full of colors full of dreams.


We are here on this earth to create a quilt, and each square, each thread and color must be defined by each and every one of us, and each square must be unique and personal, but shared by all.


So dream big or dream small, the size of the dream doesn’t matter, just dream; Add your pattern to the quilt of life, add your colors and stitch and help make this world a better place.


Start today, and create a reality we all can prosper and live in.



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Why is change hard? How come others can do it and I can’t? I keep trying, but never seem to make it?


All are questions we have asked if we have ever tried to change our life. Change is hard, no matter what the change is. Becoming a parent is a big change, and ask any parent, its hard, starting a new job is hard, but people do it all the time.


So why is it that it seems some people seem to have no problem with change and others of us struggle with every little bit of it? Good question, one that really needs to be looked at. Basically it comes down to one thing:


Faith in yourself


If we do not have faith in ourselves, then how will we have faith in the change we are trying to accomplish? The change you are trying to achieve, the process you are following, the words you are reading all amount to nothing if you have no faith in , yourself.


Your ability to have faith in your being, faith in what was created in you, then the changes you are seeking will happen. This is not to say that the work will not be hard, hard work is all part of it, but faith in self is the backbone of change, it is the main component of any and all things we wish to obtain in this life, and the life beyond.


 The old saying, start at home, is very true and very fitting here, we must start at home, ourselves if we wish to change, and we first need to change how we see ourselves. We need to have faith in the creation that we are, and to allow the faith carry the change forward.



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