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To give of your heart means more then just ot love them, to give of your heart means to give totally of yourself…

The heart is what feeds us the blood we need to live, it represents our life, to offer your friendship, means to offer your life, your total being to someone. Do not give this freely, do not squander the gift to any and all, but rather give of it totally and completely to those deserving.

The heart is the house of love and kindness, it is the house where we grieve and morn, it holds all the secrets of live, to offer it to a friend, is to offer your deepest being. So reserve it for the deserving, and regard it as a treasure like no other, for the gift of the heart, is the gift of essence, the gift of being.

In life you will have many people who you will call friend, but very few who will be friend. We are social people, we need to be with others, so we surround ourselves with friends, but really they are more like acquaintances then friends, we will have very few that would offer our heart to.

So offer it freely to whom you wish, but choose wisely… For the gift is grand…

And when the gift of heart is offered to you, take is wisely, and only if you are truly friend, and treasure the gift of heart, for no great gift can be given.


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