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Respect and esteem due a superior or an elder that is how Websters defines the word, deference. Basically it mean Honor…

We should honor our father, give him the respect due to him. That’s good solid advice, but not always easy to do.

Respect in today era is something earned, no one is deserving of it, just because, they must respect me first… and so on.

Well, sort of. Consider this, if they must respect you first, and they feel the same way, that you must respect them first, in the end no one gets any respect.

Respecting your father (please note, that any male father figure will do here) is a sign of love, it does not mean you agree with everything they say or do, but rather that you will honer them in their wishes as long as it is not harmful to you. Respect is due to the “office” that he holds as father, but the respect must be a two way street. But we all must respect the office of father, if we are ever to gain the respect from the person, and in return we will learn to respect the person of Father also.


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Monkey see, Monkey do…. The same goes for a child, they learn to live and how to interact from the example we show.

We are intolerant, so are they

We lie, they return it with a lie

We hate, they hate with greater force

The child is a gift that we must protect and teach to live well in this world. We are obligated to take care of them, to provide for them, not only a home, food and other such things, but we are obligated to teach them how to be in this world.

We do our teaching with words and actions. We set examples, and we live out the truth we are setting forth.  To the best of our ability.

The child is the world of today, and of tomorrow, how we treat them and what we teach them will become ours. The Child of today, that we care for, will be the adult that cares for us.

The golden rule applies here, due unto others, as you want done unto you…

So teach your child to use others, they will use you…

Teach them the respect all things, and they will respect you…

The gift of a good example will repay you many times over, the child today who learns to love, is the adult of tomorrow who save the world.

A child, yours or someone else, it matters not, is ours to teach, to nurture and love. One child sees hatred, and they become, one child sees love and they become.

It is the example that we all set, not just the parents, a child could grow-up in a home of hate, but because of the community around him/her they learn love. A recent report stated that the peers and outside community of a child may have more to do with the child and how they grow up then the parents. The example they used was a child who’s parents where from a foreign country, the child will pick up the accent of his/her peers, and not that of the parents.

We, as community, have the same obligation to raise that child in a healthy, happy and safe environment, it truly takes a community to set the example for the child.

When we vote this November, we need to remember we are also voting for the example we wish to send to the children of our community, when we watch TV, we are setting an example, how we talk, eat and all other daily activities set examples.

It is our obligation, and privlage to raise them, to love them and respect them. Show your love for them by setting a good example in all you do!


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