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Why is change hard? How come others can do it and I can’t? I keep trying, but never seem to make it?


All are questions we have asked if we have ever tried to change our life. Change is hard, no matter what the change is. Becoming a parent is a big change, and ask any parent, its hard, starting a new job is hard, but people do it all the time.


So why is it that it seems some people seem to have no problem with change and others of us struggle with every little bit of it? Good question, one that really needs to be looked at. Basically it comes down to one thing:


Faith in yourself


If we do not have faith in ourselves, then how will we have faith in the change we are trying to accomplish? The change you are trying to achieve, the process you are following, the words you are reading all amount to nothing if you have no faith in , yourself.


Your ability to have faith in your being, faith in what was created in you, then the changes you are seeking will happen. This is not to say that the work will not be hard, hard work is all part of it, but faith in self is the backbone of change, it is the main component of any and all things we wish to obtain in this life, and the life beyond.


 The old saying, start at home, is very true and very fitting here, we must start at home, ourselves if we wish to change, and we first need to change how we see ourselves. We need to have faith in the creation that we are, and to allow the faith carry the change forward.



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