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We all have dreams, some big and some small, but they are dreams just the same.  Sometimes our dreams are realistic and some are not, but they are still dreams.


Dreaming is a part of life; we need them to survive, to grow, and to prosper. If we had no dreams, we would have no electricity, or cars; or much of anything else. We need them to challenge us and to help us grow.


I have a dream, one of the best know speeches ever given, and it was a great and grand dream, one the helped a nation to grow, and is still feeding the nation, and challenging the nation in to greater things. But the dream had to be there first, the dream has to stir the nation’s conciseness and excite the minds of all, the dream had to add new colors to the nations fabric, adding vibrancy to cloth of America, but it had to be a dream first, a dream in one persons mind.


I to have dreams, ambitions and callings, some to greatness, others to mediocrity, but dreams all the same, some of them have taken root in my being, others have flown off on there own, and yet some never seem to start, they just float in the pool of the mind, waiting for what I do not know, but they are there.


It is the essence of dreaming that makes us who we are; it is the ability to create, in our minds, that allows us to create in the world. It is the dream that allows us to be all that we are created to be.


Dreams are important to who we are, they define us, and help to create us, and the world around us. They are the essence of who we are.


We need to keep dreaming, big and small, we need to keep reaching for that moon beam, we need to lift ourselves up high, and call others to us. We need to allow the dream to penetrate us, deep in our core, allow it to motivate and move us. Allow it to rework our hearts, minds and soul. We need to allow the dream to color our life with fantastic vibrant colors, to shine for all to see.


I have a dream is a powerful statement, one that has changed our world, and colored existence for the better, but the dream can not stop there, it must be carried on. We must add to this fabric of life our own thread, our own pattern and colors. We must create a patchwork of dreams that will dazzle and stun all who see it. We must live life full of colors full of dreams.


We are here on this earth to create a quilt, and each square, each thread and color must be defined by each and every one of us, and each square must be unique and personal, but shared by all.


So dream big or dream small, the size of the dream doesn’t matter, just dream; Add your pattern to the quilt of life, add your colors and stitch and help make this world a better place.


Start today, and create a reality we all can prosper and live in.



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