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I have talked about journaling as part of your process to change, and I am sure not everyone does so, this blog is about that very topic, the following is taken from the STATIC Youth book “Conversations with God” and is protected by all copy write laws.




 How do I journal, which is probably the question you are asking yourself, and it’s a good question to ask. But the answer may surprise you a bit, Any Way You Want! Journaling is a Private activity, it does not involve any other person, and it requires no grading or proofreading. It is time spent alone, in your mind, heart and soul. How you choose to spend that time is up to you, and how much time and effort you put in to it is also up to you. But the time and effort put in to it, will determine what you get out of it. Like always, your reward is based on your effort, put nothing in to it, get nothing out of it. But your all in to it and you will get everything out of it.


So, if you have never had journal before, where do you start? Journaling is much like keeping a written report or conversation. It is not a diary or planner with times and dates of events, although it can contain this information. As you begin this journey, you will need a journal. You can make one or purchase one, either way, it should reflect you – the color, style or how you decorate it. Once you have a journal, it is a good idea to schedule a specific time to journal, before bed, first thing in the morning, after dinner, what ever time works best for you. Setting up a specific time will help you get in to the habit of journaling. Like anything else, the more you practice at it, the better you will be. The same holds true for journaling. So, make a commitment to find time every day to write something, even if it’s only a line or two, in your journal.


“What do I write” is the next question you likely have. Well, what ever comes to mind is the best answer. Journaling is not about providing correct or set answers to questions.  It is a process of taking whatever thoughts come to you and writing them down, regardless.  No judgment or concern for grammar.  It is about freedom and privacy. You may wish to have a series of specific questions to respond to each day, to help you begin the process. Or you can just start with a blank page each day. It’s up to you.

Here are some ideas of questions you may wish to ask yourself each day:


  1. Who made me mad today
  2. Who did I make mad today
  3. Did I meditate on God’s word
  4. Did I see God in everyone
  5. Did is treat people with respect today
  6. Did I see God working in the world today


The questions are designed to help you take inventory of your day; to help you cross examine yourself and to open you up to hear God in your journal writing.



The process of journaling, when used correctly, can help you grow in your personal and spiritual life. You have the opportunity, when journaling, to write down any and all feelings, thoughts and ideas, and no one has the right to read it. It is a very powerful tool at your disposal. In it you can create worlds of great wonders, and your dreams and aspirations come alive. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are only limited by your investment in to it. So open your heart, mind and soul to the possibility of endless possibilities. Open yourself to a conversation with God. Through the pages of your journal, you can have an intimate one on one conversation with God. And if you let Him, God will write back, in the pages of your journal and on your heart.

(c) 2006-2008 STATIC Youth, LLC

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This Holiday, take some time to pray for change, and to pray for our men and women in the military.





War of Independence






Barbary Wars



War of 1812



1st Seminole War



2nd Seminole War



Mexican-American War



3rd Seminole War



Civil War



Indian Wars



Spanish-American War



Phillipine War



Boxer Rebellion



Mexican Revolution



Haiti Occupation



World War 1



World War 2



Korean War



Vietnam War



El Salvador






Persian Gulf Support



Invasion of Grenada



Invasion of Panama



Gulf War

















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The path of change can lead us in to many different directions; we may start out heading towards one outcome, but end up someplace completely different. This is the risk and excitement of change; we have to be very diligent in our efforts.


Many times, in the process of change, we find new ways to change, or to challenge ourselves, and if we are truly open to change we will stop or walk, and explore this new challenge, we will sit with it for a time and discover its potential and its value to us.


To use an image to help illustrate this point, let us imagine we are taking a nature walk.


We are on a path that will lead us to our end, to the pick up point. Along this path, all is as planned; we walk with not concern for the path we are on is well travelled. We can enjoy the surroundings, with out really having to look at them, because we have seen it so many times before.


But is we where to stop and look, we would notice a new path is being formed, a path the veers off the main a little, a path that is not worn, a path that would require me to pay attention a bit more, one that may lead to danger or one that will not take me to my end, the end I originally started on.


But we stop, and we stand to the side, we look at this new path and see that it offers a new view, a view of the same forest, but from a different vantage point. We peer around the bend, and see what lies ahead, we tilt our head to hear the sounds, and draw a big breath of new air.


The risk is great, but the challenge is new, and the adrenalin is rushing. But now we must choose, do we stay on the same path of change we have been on, it has served us well, and we know the way, and the end is near, or do we forge a new path to change, one that may lead us in directions we did not know or understand.


Challenge is risk, the end point can move, but growth only happens when we feed it something new.



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Well Blogers… I have no ideas to talk about today. It seems that my mind has decided on Blog is enough (I also blog at www.staticyouth.wordpress.com). I am drawing a blank.


But that’s ok, because sometimes nothing is what is needed. We live I a world that over thinks everything, being in the political season w see this on TV all the time, they analyze the laugh of one candidate, the shirt of another that the food one other is eating….


It can all become too much! And sometimes we just need to shut it off. So I figure that’s what my mind is doing today, shutting of when it comes to change. But one again that’s ok, the rest will do me some good, allowing me to refresh my thoughts and decide where I want to go next.


Lets just hope it turns back on…



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Why do we quest for betterment of our selves, what makes us want to be new and improved? I believe it is part of our makeup our DNA.


We really don’t have much of a choice, we are created to be the best “self” we can be. Yet some choose to suppress this tendency, or to mask it with sex, drugs and other addictions, but in the end, the quest for a better self is still there.


Self Help is nothing new, it has been part of the human life from the very beginning. To use the story of Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis, Eve was told that if she ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, she would be a better self, she would be like God.


What we have here is the story of the first self help seminar, all-be-it a bad one, but it was the first one. And Eve bought in to it; she wanted to be the best Eve she could be, as did Adam, who also ate of the fruit.


If it was not for our quest for betterment, we would still be living in caves, drawing on rock, and pulling woman around by there hair. Self Help is just another word or phrase for seeking the truth; we are all looking for the true self, the authentic self, the one that God created, but because of our fallen nature, we have lost.


The problem is, like Adam and Eve; we all want the easy way to the new and improved self. We all want the magic pill, or the book to read that will transform us over night in to the new and improved self. But as we have learned, from the lesson of Adam and Eve, that is not the best way to go about it.


It has taken the human race millions of years, just to get to this point, and look around you, in some ways we are still cavemen pulling our woman around by the hair. Change is a slow process, one that takes time, there is not over night change, there is no magic pill we can take.


But what we do have is time, not lots of it, but we do have it. As a collective of humans, we will change only when we as individuals change. Each of us is part of the over all change in humanity, and that change comes slow, but it does come. The problem is that we like over night success stories. Why do you think shows like American Idol so popular, we like to see people become the best self they can in a few easy steps.


Once again I refer you back to Adam and Eve, and remind you that it don’t work that way. Even on American Idol it is not overnight nor is it easy. But the producers of the show make it seem that way. Why? Because it sells to our basic instinct of the best self we all want to be.


Change is not easy, and it’s not quick. But it is attainable. Once again lets look back to a bible story, not Adam and Eve this time, but lets look at Jesus, the son of God, and the son of the human Mary.


Jesus was born a human, just like you and me. And as a human, he had all the makings of a human; he was in just like us in all ways except sin. But Jesus as a child was not the Jesus we read about in the Gospels. In-fact the bible tells us so; it states that Jesus grew in to his knowledge and understanding. That is a very human act. It took Jesus 30 years to start his ministry. Jesus even grew during his 3 year ministry; once again the bible tells us so, but you will have to read it for yourself, I don’t want to spoil the plot for you. The jest of the story was Jesus did not think at first he came to save anyone except the Jews, but then he grew and changed his point of view.


We all are on a path to become the best self we can be, and like Adam and Eve, sometimes we will fail, and like Jesus we will grow in to our self, slowly and even when we think we are new and improved, we will continue to grow even more.


So really, we are all a bit like Adam and Eve, and a bit like Jesus. We sometimes fail and we sometimes succeed. But in the end, we all are seeking the true self, the one that we where created to be.



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How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself by what others think? By what others want? By what others believe? Or do you define yourself by what you know. What you feel and what you believe?


Defining ourselves is a life long process, one that is ever changing. We learn more, see more and experience more as we grow, and in doing so, we should always be defining ourselves.


Please note that I said defining ourselves and not re-defining ourselves. There is a big difference. In re-defining ourselves we are stating over, removing all definitions of our old self and starting new, adding in ne definitions of ourselves. Where as defining ours self involved add to and reshaping our current definitions, the difference is, is once again, big.


The process of continuously defining our self involves looking deep in to our past experiences and reliving them under the new definition; we need to relive what had defined us in the past, to help shape our new self. As we grow, and experience new life experiences, we need to re-examine how we will allow this event to shape our life.


To continually define ourselves is to continually examine life experiences in the new light, adding new life to old definitions.


We can not base our definition of self based on the definitions of others on us. Our life is ours to own, to take responsibility of it. We are the only ones who will be judged by our actions, not the others whom we based our self on.  The others definition of ourselves are definitions of one dimension, leaving out our personal experiences and our own ability to discern about our own definition.


The opinions of other are only one part, and my I say one small part, of the over all definition of ourselves. It is only one part of the overall puzzle of who we are, and should be given the correct amount of consideration in the total definition of you.


What is the correct amount of consideration, how much is to much and how little is not enough? This is a hard question, but in someway not hard. The view of others on me really should not matter, as long as we are true to self and happy with the self we have created, but having said that, I know that outside conditions do and should affect us. And the view of others on us is a major outside condition, if only because, we are tough as a society to concern ourselves with what the world thinks of us. So in some degree we are all affected by the current world currents. The challenge then comes in, how is the outside world, morality, faith compared to mine, where do we cross and where do we stand together, and how does it fit in to my over all definition of self.


The complexity of defining self is as deep and layered as any complex formula, but that does not make it an imposable task, nor does it make it a task to be avoided, but rather it is a task that we must attack head on.


Defining self is the most important task we have before us. Once again, only you will stand in judgment for whom you are, and what you have accomplished.


It may be worth your time to keep a journal of the definition of yourself, and as you continually define yourself, you can see the changes you have made, and what is a core definition, in other words, what has remained constant in your life.



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How many people does it take to change you?


One… YOU


You have all the power in you to change you for the better, but only if you wish. We all can change, we all can grow and become a better you, if you want to. You are empowered to govern yourself. You have the control over yourself, no one else does.


You decide what you wish to become, it’s your life, grab it by the horns and ride it for all it’s worth. Life will always give you a few bucks and you will tumble off and fall to the ground.


But what you do next will define you, you have choices to make, will you sit where you are, and cry foul, blaming others for your fall, or will you stand back up, wipe the dirt off and get back on and ride?


All too often we choose the first choice, to sit where we are, and blame others for our failures. We hear it all the time, statements of blame. But how often do we hear statements of ownership when things go wrong?


This simple difference can make great changes in your life; you will become proud of all you do, even your failures on life. You will start to feel that life is not out to get you. But rather that life is what you make of it.


Ownership of what we do, and what we fail to do, is the key to a life of prosperity, a life of great reward and excitement, it is a life worth living!


The sate, government and our families owe us nothing. We, at some point in our lives, have to decide when we take ownership of our life. We need to own all we do, say and fail to do or say.


But in America, and globally, we are people who always look to blame others for what we don’t have in our lives. We ask the government to provide for us, what we fail to provide for ourselves. We look to family to fill in the missing parts of our life. So when we fail we can blame our families, blame the government, blame anyone but ourselves.


Change your thought on this, change your outlook, and take ownership of your life, define yourself by what you do and fail to do, for yourself. Fall off often, but get back up, bust yourself off and remount life.


We all need to own our life, see all that we do or fail to do as a direct result of ourselves; we need to feel free to claim or successes as well as our failures.


Life is a ride, it kicks and stutters, but it also goes smoothly, the only difference between them is how we choose to deal with it.



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Mean it when you say it…


I have traveled the world, been to China, Japan, Brazil, England, Germany and Australia. Now I am not telling you this to lift myself, but rather to illustrate a point. The one question I a, always asked is “Why do American sat How are you to every one they talk to?”.


I found it odd that they did not, and they find it odd that we do. One of my fellow workers from the UK was shocked and very pleasantly pleased when she came here for 2 week and each and every morning was asked how she was. She was, as the saying goes, tickled pink.


Her comments where one of total and utter amazement that they even cared, so it broke my heart to tell her, that in truth, they most likely don’t, that they most likely are just saying HI…


We had a long and drawn out conversation on the American, or at least the Midwest, tradition of asking how you are, when all they really are saying is Hi.


To prove this point, and to do a non-scientific experiment, I started to tell people how I was. The out come was interesting at best, the results, although not shocking. People really did not care how I was, in-fact, they most likely where not even paying any attention to you,


The typical person will, in passing, say “How are you”, not even look up, nor stop and wait for your response. And in return, most people will respond to the question, with the same question.


So, I, in the name of science, and to have a little fun, started to respond the question with my true feelings at the time, and the recipients was not prepared. It was fun and funny…


Not one person really cared how I was, but rather all they expected was a nice, “How are you” in response, and all would be well.


But that brings me to my point, in my world travels, as I explained this overriding question is “Then why bother asking, if you really don’t care”?


Good question! And one that I really can’t respond to; but I can tell you one thing, I decided to really mean the question.


So for the past few years, when I ask someone “How are you” I would stop and wait for a response, now I don’t always get one, but I sometimes do.


So now when I travel, and I am asked the question, I can respond with, “Well I can’t respond for everyone, but as for me, I really do mean it”.


Mean it when you say it, that’s a good lesson…




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The words above are all related, they all call us to something more, that all call us to a boldness that defines us; A boldness that we co-create with the world around us and with God, a boldness that we can not deny.





Life calls us to a boldness of living. We must live life with newness each day; we must live life with boldness that creates an excitement for life. Life is a gift, a gift that was give to us freely, but the gift was given with the expectation that we live it fully.




Love calls us to new levels of boldness; it calls us to a boldness of giving, giving of self to others. Love is boldness in of it self, love takes us out of our zone, leads us in to love of others.  Loves calls us to a lift ourselves up and offer ourselves as a form of sacrifice.




Liberty is a boldness of our will. We are called to exercise our will with a boldness of understanding that our will is given to us, for the benefit of others. We are to exercise our will not for self, but for all.




Freedom calls us to a boldness of responsibility. With freedom comes great responsibility of not only self, but of all, we are to be bold in our actions, always keeping in mind how it will effect others. Our freedom is not ours along, but rather our freedom is a gift given to us, that we are to give to others.


Boldness is all our calling, how we choose to live out that boldness is unique, but the call is the same. Some may choose to live it out as a political activist, others as public servants and yet others as parents or just every day people.


Choose to live bold in all you do in all you do.



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To live life in fear is a way of life for many; they seem to thrive on it. They like to live life always scared, scared of the everyday, scarred of the unknown and the known.


To them life is something to run from, something to hide from, and they do it many ways. Some literally hide, never leaving there home, but that is not the only way one can hide.


Some hide behind drug and drink, and some use work or church. We can always find some way to hide. We can even hide inside of ourselves, and no one would ever know it.


Sure life can be scary with murders, rapes and just everyday atrocities.  But life is also full of wonder and awe.


So why do some of us choose to hide, choose to be scared?


To live life takes guts, it takes courage, and it takes boldness. Life is hard but life is also easy. Life is a paradox, it will become what we choose to make. Life is real, and life is meant to be lived.


I can’t explain why some choose not to live life, nor can I explain why some choose to live life, but what I can tell you is that it is a choice. We all have the same choice; we all can choose to live or not to live. We create our world, for good or for bad; we decide how we want to live, for good or for bad.


Life is ours, we own it, and we must take responsibility for it. We must decide to live it, live it bold and to live it with the wonder and awe it deserves.  We have many people telling us how to live life, for good or bad, we have many people showing us how to live, giving us examples, of good and bad.


We can choose to look to great people, hold them up and emulate them, or we can look to sub-great people and choose to emulate them. Life offers us opportunities to become all that we are made to become, only if we choose.


So you can live life scared, or you can live life bold.  What do you choose?



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