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Create the world you dream of lining in… We hear this all to often as a quick fix selling point to numerous talks and workshops, along with things like change your life in 30 seconds, or a better you in 10 days.


They all sound good and most really sound to good to be true, and they most likely are. Nothing happens over night, you did not become who you are over night, it took years of growing, positive or negative growth, but either way it was growing in some fashion.


Most of us probably bit a little bit of both, we grew positive and negative at the same time, the question is, what did we do the most? If we where equal in the negative and positive, then we would have experienced no growth, and I really don’t think that happens, ever, I think there is always a dominate one, one value that will be a tad bit stronger then the other, one condition that overrides the other.


Now the true question is what one governs your life, the positive or the negative? Are you ½ full or ½ empty, do you see everything as bad or as a good?


This question truly can transform your life, how you respond to everyday events, large or small will determine how you see you’re over all life. Do you see everything as a negative, if so, your life will always be a step back, or do you se life as a positive, a step forward?


In truth both will always exist in your life, there always times of darkness, times of negitiveness, but what is the overall condition, what do you allow in to your world the most?


By changing your view of event and action in your life, you will change your life, by seeing the positiveness in life; you will create positive responses and actions.


It’s a slow process, like any change, it takes time, and hard work, but it is a response you can train in yourself, a reaction that you can practice. You need to feel the positiveness in your being; you need to feel the growth in your soul. You need to own the energy that flows from the action of postiveness.


Look at life from fresh prospective, see things in a new light, and know that your actions play a direct roll in the outcome of the overall event. The outcome may be the same, but the reaction and growth will be a step in the right direction.


Creating the world you dream of does not mean the world will all go your way, but rather it allows you to live in the world and be effected by and effect the world in a positive way that allows not only you the ability to grow, but also offers that same ability to others that where effected by your reaction to the action.


Change is hard, it is a slow process, one that takes a lot of work, but the process is invigorating and can lead to great strides in your personal growth, but only if you see it in that light, only if you allow the positivenss of it to shape you and consume you.


Start today, and watch yourself being transformed in to the person you dream of being, living in the world you have created.



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