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Time has the ability to change you, even if you do not want it to. We all grow and change over time, but some of us like to hold on to the past. Cling to it as a life preserver. We fight the change; we despise the growth and do all we can to stay in the past.


One would thing we do this because the past was a safer, kinder and gentler place, one where we feel protected. But it’s not always the case; some of us cling to the past, because it is known. Good bad or indifferent, we know what the past has to offer, we have lived it once, so we can live it over and over again, with no fear, and no growth.


Well as I stated in the start of this blog, growth happens to us regardless of what we want. So even though we think we are clinging to the past, in truth, we are just creating or present reality, we are living our lives in the present, using old and often times skewed memories of the past to help us navigate the present.


The human condition is set up to re-create moments that we store in our mind, to re-create them a little different. They are never truly as they happened, we may choose to spice them up a little, are add more smiles to them, or even make them worse then they truly where. It’s what we do; we skew images and memories to fit our needs and wants.


The human condition is set up that way, as a way of protecting us, and over time most of us will disregard memories that where truly unpleasant or on eventful, and only choose to keep the more happy and eventful moments. So often our “past” is just that “ours” and not truly the past.


When we choose to live the present in the past, for fear of facing the unknown, and choosing rather, to face the know of the past, we are living a life of created past. We are living a present that has never truly happened.


Each day is new, and each moment is special, each needs to be lived in the now, and not in the then.


So start today, and live it in the now, choose to feel the day as it is, and not as you think you did in the past.


Use the past the help you grow and chance, but do not use it as the now.



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