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To live life in fear is a way of life for many; they seem to thrive on it. They like to live life always scared, scared of the everyday, scarred of the unknown and the known.


To them life is something to run from, something to hide from, and they do it many ways. Some literally hide, never leaving there home, but that is not the only way one can hide.


Some hide behind drug and drink, and some use work or church. We can always find some way to hide. We can even hide inside of ourselves, and no one would ever know it.


Sure life can be scary with murders, rapes and just everyday atrocities.  But life is also full of wonder and awe.


So why do some of us choose to hide, choose to be scared?


To live life takes guts, it takes courage, and it takes boldness. Life is hard but life is also easy. Life is a paradox, it will become what we choose to make. Life is real, and life is meant to be lived.


I can’t explain why some choose not to live life, nor can I explain why some choose to live life, but what I can tell you is that it is a choice. We all have the same choice; we all can choose to live or not to live. We create our world, for good or for bad; we decide how we want to live, for good or for bad.


Life is ours, we own it, and we must take responsibility for it. We must decide to live it, live it bold and to live it with the wonder and awe it deserves.  We have many people telling us how to live life, for good or bad, we have many people showing us how to live, giving us examples, of good and bad.


We can choose to look to great people, hold them up and emulate them, or we can look to sub-great people and choose to emulate them. Life offers us opportunities to become all that we are made to become, only if we choose.


So you can live life scared, or you can live life bold.  What do you choose?



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