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The words above are all related, they all call us to something more, that all call us to a boldness that defines us; A boldness that we co-create with the world around us and with God, a boldness that we can not deny.





Life calls us to a boldness of living. We must live life with newness each day; we must live life with boldness that creates an excitement for life. Life is a gift, a gift that was give to us freely, but the gift was given with the expectation that we live it fully.




Love calls us to new levels of boldness; it calls us to a boldness of giving, giving of self to others. Love is boldness in of it self, love takes us out of our zone, leads us in to love of others.  Loves calls us to a lift ourselves up and offer ourselves as a form of sacrifice.




Liberty is a boldness of our will. We are called to exercise our will with a boldness of understanding that our will is given to us, for the benefit of others. We are to exercise our will not for self, but for all.




Freedom calls us to a boldness of responsibility. With freedom comes great responsibility of not only self, but of all, we are to be bold in our actions, always keeping in mind how it will effect others. Our freedom is not ours along, but rather our freedom is a gift given to us, that we are to give to others.


Boldness is all our calling, how we choose to live out that boldness is unique, but the call is the same. Some may choose to live it out as a political activist, others as public servants and yet others as parents or just every day people.


Choose to live bold in all you do in all you do.



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