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How many people does it take to change you?


One… YOU


You have all the power in you to change you for the better, but only if you wish. We all can change, we all can grow and become a better you, if you want to. You are empowered to govern yourself. You have the control over yourself, no one else does.


You decide what you wish to become, it’s your life, grab it by the horns and ride it for all it’s worth. Life will always give you a few bucks and you will tumble off and fall to the ground.


But what you do next will define you, you have choices to make, will you sit where you are, and cry foul, blaming others for your fall, or will you stand back up, wipe the dirt off and get back on and ride?


All too often we choose the first choice, to sit where we are, and blame others for our failures. We hear it all the time, statements of blame. But how often do we hear statements of ownership when things go wrong?


This simple difference can make great changes in your life; you will become proud of all you do, even your failures on life. You will start to feel that life is not out to get you. But rather that life is what you make of it.


Ownership of what we do, and what we fail to do, is the key to a life of prosperity, a life of great reward and excitement, it is a life worth living!


The sate, government and our families owe us nothing. We, at some point in our lives, have to decide when we take ownership of our life. We need to own all we do, say and fail to do or say.


But in America, and globally, we are people who always look to blame others for what we don’t have in our lives. We ask the government to provide for us, what we fail to provide for ourselves. We look to family to fill in the missing parts of our life. So when we fail we can blame our families, blame the government, blame anyone but ourselves.


Change your thought on this, change your outlook, and take ownership of your life, define yourself by what you do and fail to do, for yourself. Fall off often, but get back up, bust yourself off and remount life.


We all need to own our life, see all that we do or fail to do as a direct result of ourselves; we need to feel free to claim or successes as well as our failures.


Life is a ride, it kicks and stutters, but it also goes smoothly, the only difference between them is how we choose to deal with it.



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