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The path of change can lead us in to many different directions; we may start out heading towards one outcome, but end up someplace completely different. This is the risk and excitement of change; we have to be very diligent in our efforts.


Many times, in the process of change, we find new ways to change, or to challenge ourselves, and if we are truly open to change we will stop or walk, and explore this new challenge, we will sit with it for a time and discover its potential and its value to us.


To use an image to help illustrate this point, let us imagine we are taking a nature walk.


We are on a path that will lead us to our end, to the pick up point. Along this path, all is as planned; we walk with not concern for the path we are on is well travelled. We can enjoy the surroundings, with out really having to look at them, because we have seen it so many times before.


But is we where to stop and look, we would notice a new path is being formed, a path the veers off the main a little, a path that is not worn, a path that would require me to pay attention a bit more, one that may lead to danger or one that will not take me to my end, the end I originally started on.


But we stop, and we stand to the side, we look at this new path and see that it offers a new view, a view of the same forest, but from a different vantage point. We peer around the bend, and see what lies ahead, we tilt our head to hear the sounds, and draw a big breath of new air.


The risk is great, but the challenge is new, and the adrenalin is rushing. But now we must choose, do we stay on the same path of change we have been on, it has served us well, and we know the way, and the end is near, or do we forge a new path to change, one that may lead us in directions we did not know or understand.


Challenge is risk, the end point can move, but growth only happens when we feed it something new.



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