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God is in the details… I have a problem with that statement, not that I think its wrong or anything, its just that I am not a very detailed person. I am not a fact based thinker; I like to think in concepts and overtones.


This has always gotten me in a little bit of trouble. I school, I always did bad on test, when it required that I remembered the details such as dates or formulas, but I aced any test that dealt with concepts or point of views. This trait still leads me in to trouble, I find myself trying to prove a point, and having to recall details. For me to recall details are a struggle and it pains me to do so.


I believe that details are important, but not for me to remember, but for others. I need them to learn and grow, but not for conversation, I need them to back me up, but not for me to spew. Details are all too often used to cloud the issue, to blind you with the dazzling effects of knowing all the little facts.


To me its passion and truth that will win people over, and all to often the details are not necessary to come to the truth, the facts need to be there, and the information needs to be accessible, but for me, I do not need to state each and everyone.


Life lessons have shown me that I need to find the details, I need to know the facts, but I do not need to remember all the little details, dates, formulas and such can all be looked up. My passion and persuasion comes from the heart, not from the details.


So yes God is in the details, and yes we all should research the facts, know what it is we truly believe in, and understand the little details as best we can, but we do not need to speak in details, but rather in concepts and overtones, let the listener do the research, let them discover the details for themselves.



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