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Life is a complex thing, and we all see it in our way… Oftentimes we see things differently then others around us below are four questions we should all take the time to ask ourselves, and respond to with honesty. At certain times in our life we need to take inventory, see how we stack up, where we stand with ourselves and with others around us. The four questions are wide open, and allows for very short responses or extremely long ones. It is something you can do in a few minutes over a few days. But in the end, if you are honest with yourself, you should get a good look at who you are and how others see you.


In the end, it is still up to you to decide how to use the info, you may decide to leave things as they are, or you may decide that you need to change and grow, but always keep in mind that there is only one good reason to change, and that is because you want to, never change because others wish it or demand it, true change can only take place when it comes from you.




Who am I?


We define ourselves as we live our life, each event in life helps to define us. I would define myself as an overly optimistic person, one who tries to see the good in all, much to the pain of others. I see myself as a loving person, who would give his life for other, with expecting anything in return. I open my heart to others, allowing then, all too often, to take what they want or need, expecting noting in return. I have a sharp and often times bitter humor. A humor I use to get myself through difficult times, I see the funny side of all things, from the deepest tragedy to the down right mundane. I keep my deepest thoughts to myself, but I always show them in hidden ways (such as my Blogs). I am a very emotional person, and wear my heart on my sleeve, but use my humor to mask much of the pain. I avoid confutation (real confutations) unless they are deeply rooted issues (and I have many). I am conservative and very much rooted in that, and often have a difficult time dealing with people who are not. I am constantly trying to grow myself, so change for the better and to open my mind to new thoughts and experiences, not always with success.



Who do I want to be?


I want to be a person of compassion, a person with deep feelings and a person of God. I want to be a Son, Brother and Uncle that will make my family proud and a friend worthy of friendship in return. I want to be a person of morality, a person who walks the walk and talks the talk. I want to be a servant of God’s, and a true follower of Jesus. I want to be someone who will leave his footprint on this earth, but know one will know whose footprint it is. I want to be who God created me to be.




Who do others thing I am?


Others see me as conceded, funny and often times harsh. They see me as a person with a closed mind, self absorbed and one who is only concerned with my own opinion. Others see me as one who is often times closed to them, or as trying to change them, others see me as a person of deep faith, but also deep contradiction. Others see me as one who is giving, but only for my own personal reasons.



Who do others want me to be?


Others want me to be who they need at all times, they want me to be flexible to there need and not mine. They want me to only hold strong to convictions that they hold strong to, not to mine. Others want me to be faithful to my faith, only when it fits there opinion of faith. Others want me to be what they want, when they want and how they want, and they want to me know when who and how without telling me.




I hope this helps you, above are my own personal thoughts on these 4 questions. I may be way off base, or I may be dead on, it all depends on how honest I was and what my state of mind was at the time of the evaluation.


But all in all, it really don’t matter, because I am happy with how I am, I am content that I am on the right path to the me God wants me to be. I have tons of hard work ahead of me, and lots of ups and downs yet to come, but with the grace of God, and my own confidence in myself, I know I can achieve all I have set out to achieve.





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