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You ever get in to the work groove, you know, the one where everything seems to come together for you. You’re just hitting the mark, every word you utter is golden and every idea is head on. I love that feeling, and every now and then I get it. So the question is, how do you keep it.

Well truth be told, I really don’t think your suppose to keep it. I thing finding the grove is all part of the process of creation. If we were always in the groove, how would we know it?

You look at writers like Stephen King, I am sure he has many stories that we will never publish because they just are not that good. But all we see are the ones that are good, and a few that are in the groove. A few that hit the mark and you can tell he just loved the process.

I love when that happens to me, now I am not Stephen King, but he’s not me either. We all have a groove; we all have marks to hit.  And when we do hit them, it’s a grand feeling!

I am currently in the process of editing a few books that my partner and I wrote. It’s a series of middle school religious education books, in this process I am also creating new information, and this is when the groove would really help. But I have yet found a way to turn it on when I need it. It seems to have its own will.  The groove is not something you can turn on or off, you can’t purchase it nor control it, so it makes it very hard sometimes to work, without the groove it’s a struggle to get the words out, nothing seems to fit together and the process is hard. The grove makes it better, the energy is flowing and the ideas keep coming.

So here is praying that the groove hits me hard and fast today…. I have lots to do!


p.s. as you can tell, I don’t have the groove today… 😦





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Take a moment and think about the last big decision you had to make, was it an on the spot decision, or did you take your time thinking about it? Most of the time if it is a big decision we want to take a little bit of time, to look at the positives and negatives of it. We want to discover the benefits or know the risks.

Well the same should be said for choosing who you are going to offer your gifts to. God gave each one of us gifts, gifts to use as we see fit. And like any gift we receive we don’t want to waste it, or give it to just anyone.

Discernment, a big word meaning to seek, to find. You will use the process to help you determine what your gifts from God are, and who should benefit from your gifts.

· Discernment is similar to thinking it over, but it goes much deeper than that, it involves not only facts, but also God. You must always place God in to the equation when you are discerning.

· Discernment is a process, and can take time to complete, it involves research, prayer and listening to yourself and to God. When you discern something, you will also seek advice and guidance from others that you trust, your parents or faith guide, your priest or a good friend.

· Discernment has to be done with an open heart, that is where prayer comes in, in prayer you will ask God to help guide you, allowing the Holy Spirit to whisper Gods voice in your heart.

· Discernment is an  on going process, one that is never truly complete. You may have decided what you want to do, but now you have to determine how or when or who. Discernment in not a one time process, but rather it is a life long and life changing process.

The saints learned the importance of discernment, the power it has to alter their lives, and to bring them closer to God.

Like any other new skill, it will take you time to learn how to discern, but with Gods help and the Holy Spirit whispering in your heart, you will.




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A part of anyone’s success in life is their desire to achieve it. We all wave dreams and wants but why do some get it and others do not? Desire is the only difference. Now some of you will be saying that that’s not true, that you have had desire, but still no success. I would challenge you on that. I would challenge your definition of desire and of success.

Desire is not just wanting, but it is a burning deep within, it is a driving force of all you do. I want dreams, wants and desires and they are not all the same. My wants change from moment to moment, my dreams manifest themselves in too many different forms, the basics may remain but the shape and form may change. Desires are not moment to moment, nor do they shift and change. Desires drive the heart, lead the soul and claim its owner as its own.  Desire consumes whom it possesses.

Wants, such as fame or fortune change, grow or diminish as we grow and mature. We want many things in our life, but truly only need a few of what we want. We want fortune but truly only need to live comfortable, we want fame, but truly we do not need fame, nor are most of us ready to handle what comes along with it. Wants are just that wants, not needs and they are not desires.

 Dreams are noble and needed, they challenge us, help us to grow and to exceed our limits, but they are not desires. To dream big, to dream large is what I have told you to do, it is part of our process of change, and I stand by that. But dreams are not desires, they may feed our desire, but in-of-themselves are not desires. Keep dreaming and allow them to build you up and to challenge you to a greater you.

When we are working towards a dream we can alter and change as the mood or needs change, when it is a want, the want may leave us as fast as it entered us, but a desire is a core element of our makeup, it is our desires that guide us, that lead us down the path that we follow.

So have you truly failed? Have you finished your journey of your desires? Or are you just starting them? Success is a lifelong process; it is not counted in singulars but rather accumulative. We cannot expect our success to be one moment in life, but rather it is our total life.

So have you truly failed? Or are you counting your wants and dreams, are you looking at a singular moment or time in history? 


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How often do we stop to really think things over, sure if it’s something we are going to spend a lot of money on like a car or a house we will take our time but if it’s just a small thing like are we going to eat that whole basket of fries or just half we often times let the moment decide.

We are an impulse people, that’s why the advertisers love us, we see it, we want it. Go in to any store and they will have signs all over the place, each one designed to make you spend more then you want to. My sister and I joke that if she goes in to Target and spends under $100.00 she is doing good, and for me if I go in to the dollar store and spent under $20.00 I am doing good. She didn’t really need all she got nor did I, but we are impulse shoppers, the both of us. We are a marketers dream come true.

Why do I bring this up? What does this have to do with change? Well The idea is, we don’t spend the time we really need to on thinking, we need to stop before we purchase and really think about do we really need this? We also need to do the same with our lives, we need to stop and think more.  

Often times we do things in our lives on impulse, we go out, get drunk on an impulse. We get married or divorced on an impulse. We pick up one face self help book or diet on an impulse. No real thinking involved, we just do it.

Life change is not an impulse it is a slow thought out process, one that takes dedication and lots of hard work. Fads and impulses are not the cure; you will not find what you are looking for based on a quick reaction, or the latest book. Change is deeply rooted in you; it has to become your fabric of life, your mantra. Impulses are not mantras they are slick advertisements designed only to take not to give.

So stop the next time you are about to make a life change (diet, self help book) and really think about it, is this something that I can really make part of my life fabric or is this something I saw on Oprah. Life change is not a 30 minute TV show; it is a commitment of self for self for life.


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I am often asked how I keep such a positive attitude, and my response is always the say, “Why Not?” To me that is the only response needed, it sums is up pretty well don’t you think?

 Attitude, positive or negative, is all a choice. We decide what it is we want to be, and then we do it. Yes I know there are people out there with medical conditions, chemical imbalances, and yes I know they cannot control their moods and such. And I also know that it is not a choice for them to have this condition, but it is a choice for them on how they will deal with it. They can get medication, see a doctor or find organic alternative. So in the end, it is still a choice, they choose to deal with it or not.

We all make the same choice every morning when we wake up, we decide when we are cut off by a crazy drive on the way to work, or when our boss decides that today is the day they will ream us. We decide how we will react; we can decide how it will affect us the rest of the day. And we decide how we will allow it to affect our relations with others.  I have suffered each of the above situations, and I have chosen badly and wisely. I have reacted with anger and frustration, taken it out on co-workers, friends and family. And I have also let it roll off me and decided that I would not let it affect me in a negative way, but rather I would use that energy to create. I would put that energy back in to whatever project I was working on, work related or not.

I know that for me, I prefer the second options, to allow it to feed in to my creative process, use the negative to generate a positive; a much better outcome for all involved in my life. I choose to not allow it to bother me.

Yes, I do still get angry, yes sometimes I forget to control my anger and I let it affect my life, I choose not to let it roll off, and I pay for that choice. I pay by having a bad day the rest of the day instead of having just a bad moment.  I allow the moment to control the day. 

In truth we all have moments, good and bad, and we will always have them, but it is how we choose to deal with the moment, how we choose to allow them to control us. I choose to use them all, good and bad as moments of learning, moments of enlighten.  I choose to use the energy to good, for creation and for the betterment of me and all around me.

So start today, take a small moment and allow it to be part of the creation of a greater moment, allow it to feed your creative energy, allow the day to control the moment not the moment to control the day.


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To each of us one day can be a thousand different things. Each gust of wind can move us in different and new directions; each flower we see will touch us in differently.  The world offers us different experiences, many ways to see the same thing, and many ways to live our life out.


A day of sunshine for me can be a day of rain for you, even thought we are in the same place, living the same weather. I am, of course, speaking metaphorically about the rain and sunshine, but not about how each of us experiences the same reality thousands of different ways.


We all have the ability to process information, we all have the ability to them use the information to help us determine our outlook on life, and how we react to or do not react to any one give situation. It’s our makeup how we are programmed or hard wired, what ever you want to call it, it is us.


Me, I see things mostly in a positive light, yes I know and understand that bad things happen, that at time life is crap, and yes I too can feel that way, and yes sometimes my outlook is not so positive, but I always try to put a spin on it, to make light of it, to have a laugh at my own expense about it.


Others see life only in darkness, no light shines through. They see no happiness in the world. I am sure that they too have days of light, just like I have days of darkness, but unlike me, they do not make light of it, or laugh at themselves, but rather they make it heavy, and fill it with dark matter and create a reality for themselves that fits their need.


We all do this, in one way on another, we all create the reality we need or want. We create a reality that fulfills our outlook, our destiny. We all have hear it said that we create our own destiny, and I believe this, I truly believe that God allows us to create our own destiny, and in doing so, we can create it how we see fit.


So I see it as sunshine, and others as rain, and some see it as partly cloudy, what every your weather pattern is, is what you choose it to be.


We all long for those sunny days in the summer, days we can spend outside with family and friends. We all need a little sun light in our days, to perk up our moods, to make us feel better about ourselves. We all need them, the sun gives us life. If this is true, then we also need to have the same outlook on how we view life, how we live our life out. We need to create sunshine where there is none.


The soft gentle wind of change will blow over you if you see life as sunny, the warm rays of love will softly caress you and the sounds of summer will fill your heart.


Your outlook is your destiny, see is bright and sunny or see it dark and gloomy; either way that is what you will get.


The Beatles said it best in the song “The End” :


“In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”


We get back what we give, or in other words, we get back what we project out. If we see things as dark and gloomy that is what we will get in return, if we see them as sunny and warm, that too is what we will get back in return.


Life is ours to live, so live it fully, fill your days with sunshine and warmth, and in time you will get it in return.



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Discipline is part of any change, and one of the things I am working on is becoming a better writer. I know lots of you are saying keep working, that I have a long way to go. And I would agree!


But part of that process is this blog and my other blog, and I have committed myself to write and post a blog everyday except the weekends. And man that can be a hard thing to do sometimes. Like today, I just really have nothing to say, I started to write something 4 different times, and nothing came to me. Just a big fat BLANK! Not good when you have committed to writing everyday, and don’t want to go back on that.


Wouldn’t do me well not to practice what I write now would it. So here is my post, for what its worth.


I did what I stated I would, I posted to both sights today….



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