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“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

– George Bernard Shaw









WOW what a quote! We live in a work where blame is always on someone or something else. We live with the phrase “I would have but…” “I only he/she would have…” “If only my parents….” Always on the tips of our lips, ready to fire one off, to place the blame our lack of success on someone or something else. It’s easy to do and it takes the responsibility off of us.


I do believe Mr. Shaw understood this; he saw this and most likely experienced this in himself and others. But he also understood the short sightedness of this, saw the flawed thinking in this, and decide to try and correct this, in him self and others.


We all have circumstances, some good and some bad, and some that are just down right evil, but we all also have free will, the ability to accept or reject what is given to us, what is offered and yes, even what is forced upon us. We can choose to reject it, choose to turn it in to a circumstance we want, or just decide to leave it be, let it rot on its own and find what we are looking for, or to create it.


Life is yours, you control it, it’s your free will, your freedom, and you live in and create the circumstances you want. Or, with your free will you decide to stay where you are, to live in the circumstance that you do not desire one that you did not create or choose, you choose to give your freedom over to someone else.


Yes I know that as a child we have no real choice and that to some extent our circumstance is not ours to choose, but rather it is forced or given to us. But we still choose how we will process it, how we will deal with it when we get older. Will we allow it to control us when we are 20, will it still control us when we are 50? That is the question; do we decide to let it rot on its own when we are in our 20’s or do we allow it to control us still when we are in our 50’s?


Now you are probably saying, it was a deep rooted scar, its hard to just leave it, I have to deal with it. And to that I would say, stop and look back, look behind you and see your lifer to this point, has it served you? Has it made you a better person? Has it helped you maintain a positive healthy life? I would venture to guess that if you are honest with yourself you would have to say no, it has not. In-fact I would have to say that most likely it has held you down, created problems and havoc in your life, so why keep it, why allow it to control you, why give it your free will, your freedom?


Take it back, release it, allow it to rot on its own, and find the circumstance you need, or create your own. Allow you freedom to serve you, allow your free will to lift you up, not bring you down.



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