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Actions are often times more important then words. What we do can define s more then what we sat. How we are seen by others is based on what they see. Our first impression often times is based on our actions. Having said this, our actions sometimes can be our words.


We can stand for something; we can work towards an end, and be seen in action for this end. Attending all the right rallies or events, our money and talent may all be used for this end. But one word, one slip can change how we are seen, the actions all forgotten and the deeds all undone. One word can change the history of our legacy.


To many this just happened over the last week with the remarks made by the Reverend Jessie Jackson, his comments about Mr. Obama and his use of the N-word. His credibility has been called in to question and his relevance is now in the balance. His legacy may be re-written and his history of the quest for equality is now in question.


His actions are now shallow and his accomplishments are in question, based on his words. Actions and words need to line up; they need to be one in the same. We need consistency of word and action.


Every Black person in America should be up in arms over the words of a civil rights leader use of the N-word. Every American, regardless of color, should be calling The Reverend to task, should be demanding that no one, of any race, should ever use that word.


If we truly want an America that is color blind, one that knows no color, then we can not, and should not stand for this from anyone.


The Reverend Jackson has stated he was sorry for using the word, but can we take him on his word? Based on all the speeches given about the use of the word, He has called all people of color not to use the word, yet he seemed to see himself as exempt from the rule. His words where noble, yet his actions shallow.


This issue will not change anytime soon, we have a deep divide in our nation, one that separates America in to two, a Black America and a White America. This separation of America is our actions, and they are counter to our words of equality that many speak in this nation. We talk a good talk, but our own actions as a nation seem to go in its own direction. We need to be one America, an America where color truly doesn’t matter, where the color or our skin has no bearing on how we are seen or treated.


We will not grow in to the nation that we know we are until we call ourselves to task.



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