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I”m Back

Well it looks like my vacation from blogging is over; August has come to an end. I wish I would say that I feel totally refreshed and that my mind is sharp, but I can’t. And I am sure that lots of you would say my mind was never sharp, so what’s new. And I’m not sure I would argue with you.  Be that as it may, I am back!

To start with, I think I have a lot of new ideas to write about, but then again, I may forget them as fast as I thought of them.  So who knows what I will blog about, I sure don’t. But that is part of the fun and frustration of it all.

I will return to my promise to myself about writing everyday (except weekends) and promise to you that it is worth reading. I hope that I have done that so far, but who knows. It’s kind of funny, the blogs I figured would be huge hits get nothing, and the blogs I think are just ok, seem to get all the hits. Hmmm, maybe I need to re-read all my blogs and see what is what. Often time I think life is that way, what we think is important, what we feel is of great concern, often time is not.

So starting September 2nd I will post once again.


God Bless


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Lake Michigan in August

I will be taking a break from posting until September, August is turnign out to be a crazzy time for me, it always is, STATIC, the middle school program that my partner and I run starts up in September, so August is always full of need to get this or that done. We are also working on a ton of other ideas so August seems even crazzer this year. So in September I will post again, giving my mind a needed rest until then


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