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Dark days are always a part of our life, but having said that so are light day. There is an opposite for everything. For good there is bad, for up there is down, you get the idea.

But for many there is no opposite, they choose to see only one side of all things, for them there is no good but only bad, or there is no down only up. Their world is an all or nothing world. Their world is full of light or full of darkness. They only move up or down, but not both.

Both cases are bad, we need change, we need flexibility, and we need the darkness and the light. We are not created to be constant; we are created to be change. Always evolving, growing and becoming a new creation. It is the contrasts of life that allow us to do so.

If we only see the world as all good, why bother changing, it is perfect the way it is. If we see everything as down, then what’s the use of even trying to change, it will only end in a downward motion.

It is the ebb and flow that create the need to grow, the need to see things in a new light.

We need balance, we need to be dark and light up and down… We need to allow ourselves the privilege of contrast. The black and white lights are what give the world its colors. If we have no black, we would have no color, no variations to what we see or experience.

So allow yourself the experience to live the black and white of life, to see the ups and downs and to know the colors of the world.


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