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We all want to be something we are not, me I want to be better at a lot; speaking, writing, my faith, and  how I interact with co-workers, better friend, better brother, uncle, and the list goes on. But I also understand that I can only do so much, and sometimes I can’t do anything about it. But should that mean I should not try, absolutely not! I keep trying, I keep making efforts, with the hopes that I will change, that I will grow. Sometimes the effort is more important than the outcome.

Often times when I am chatting with youth, and we get on the topic of sports or school, they will bring up a big game they just played or a big test they took, the first question I ask is how did you do, did you win or pass? The second, and to me the more important question I ask is did you try your best and did you have fun (if it was a sporting event). They normally look at me like I am nuts, especially if they lost the game. “Fun, how could we have fun, we lost!” But to me, if the only reason I am playing is to win, they why play, because you’re going to lose, it’s going to happen. So if you know that, if you know you can’t be perfect, why bother. To truly love a sport, means you truly love the game of it, win or lose.

Well that’s how I feel we need to look at change, we truly need to love the game of it, and we need to love the challenge of change. Sometimes we are not meant to achieve what we set out to do. Sometimes the plan is to fail, to learn from that. Just like a team needs to lose, so they can see there weakness, we need to fail to see ours.

So yes I still want to be a better speaker, and given the chance to do so, I will speak, and I may fail or I may succeed, either way I am way ahead because I was able to speak, for the game of it, for the love of it.

So get in to the game…


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