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Starting tomorrow, I will __________________ (you can fill in the blank)

That has to be one of the best procrastination lines out there; it allows you to put off, with a strong conviction, what you should do now for another day. I should know I use it all the time.

I am a procrastinator, I procrastinate everything, even procrastination. It’s a bad habit, one that is hard to break. I always plan to, but as you would guess, I put it off for tomorrow. 

Why do I do this, what motivates me to push everything off until the last minute? In truth, it depends on the task at hand, if it’s hard or something I do not like to do, I will wait until the bitter end to get to it, and if it’s something I want to do, or love I will only wait until I am close to the bitter end.  

I have a big Halloween Party to get ready for, and I have started the task, but have put off what I need to do until today, and now it’s down to almost the bitter end… I just can’t help it. I think we need a support group to help us procrastinators out. But the meetings would never happen; we would just put them off until tomorrow.

Well I have more I want to write, but I think I will put it off until tomorrow…



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Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing

why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose.

-Albert Einstein


A brilliant man, Albert Einstein, he changed our world, and our thinking.  Often times with simple phrases such as the one above.

We all have a purpose, a reason to be here on this earth, we all play a part in the play called life. And as any good actor will tell you, there are no small parts, only small actors. I may not be an Albert Einstein, but then again he is no Paul Sposite. So in the end it all works out, we off set each other, creating a greater whole.  

Belief in self is fine, in fact necessary, but belief in, as Albert puts it, a divine purpose, something greater than self, is an absolute necessity.

To truly improve, to truly grow, we need an understanding that we are not the do-all and end-all of our existence, that there is a greater force than ourselves out there.

Dr. Wayne Dyer calls is the “Source” in his book “The power of intention”. This is a life changing book, one that truly maps out the need for and the power of the “Source” (God). The connection that has to be cleaned up and re-established, it is not a matter of creating the connection, it was always there, it’s a matter of recognizing it and “cleaning it up”. I would recommend that everyone read (or listen to the CD’s of it) the “Power of Intention”, and watch how it changes your life, for the better.

The all knowing power source, God, is your ticket to truly changing in to what was intended for you. By re-establishing that connection you are connecting to pure goodness (Godness), re-establishing the connection that was there before you entered this world, recreating a relationship to the center of life, here on earth and in the heavens.

To connect to the source means connection to love, charity and all that is pure and good. God cannot create badness He cannot create that which He is not. He can only create what he is, Pure Love and Goodness.

Change is a partnership, one that God (The Source) has given to you, has always be there you, all you have to do is connect to it, allow it to surge through you and around you. As Dr. Dyer states you must be inspired (the original meaning of the word is in-spirit), you must want that connection, and cultivate it. God wants nothing but what is best for you, and by reestablishing that connection, God will provide what is missing in your life, allow you to grow in self.

God has a Divine Purpose for you, it’s not hidden nor is it mystical or magical. It is there waiting for you, if you only connect back to the source, connect back to where you came from, goodness, back to God.



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As I get ready to start 4 weeks of travel; I am reminded of how we are perceived differently in differently in different parts of the country and the world. I am headed off to St. Louis for one week, then to Europe for three weeks. It still strikes me as odd, or would a better word be curious, any way, it still strikes me that way, that an ocean or a 1 hour flight can have such dramatic changes in how one sees thinks.

I have never been to St. Louis, so I anticipate some oddities from how we (I) see things in Michigan, My world view and my national view will be different.   Coming from an industrial state, where cars are made and the union in strong, I see things differently. Now granted, I see things differently in Michigan than a lot of Michiganders do. But that is for another blog. We, as Michiganders see things differently; our world view is colored by our experience. We have an automotive view point, one that stems from years of living off the automobile. But as of late that world view has been challenged. Our way of life hangs in the balance and we are being called to change our view, not only in how Michigan operates, but also how we, as Michiganders operate.

With the automobile industry in such a mess, and oil prices high, we need to revamp our economy. Yes the nation is in a tight stop as a whole, but Michigan is even tighter. We have been feeling the pinch for over a year, I would even stay two years. But that’s not even it. It’s more than the industries that needs to be revamped; I feel the whole collective mind of Michigan needs to be reset. As a Midwestern state, we are to be the conservative collective thought of the nation, but looking at Michigan politics and policies, I would say we have left that behind. Some how it got lost and we are having a hard time finding it again.

But I still hold dear that ideal, one of simple Midwestern thought. And I have to say I bring it with me when I travel. So it always lends itself to a little bewilderment on my part.

Each time I travel overseas I am always taken-a-back at the liberal mind. No matter how many times I go, I never really get use to it. Now in fairness to me, I try hard to be open minded, and I try not to get in to conversations about all that. That’s not why I am there, but sometimes I just can’t avoid it. Case and point, I was in Australia during the whole “Florida can’t count” thing. And each morning I was greeted with a knock on my door, and the manager of the hotel asking me “Have you Americans learned to count yet”. Yes it was funny and fun, the first few days, but I was there one month, and it happened every day, without fail.

This time around I will be in Germany on voting day. I really am not sure what to expect, but I do know one thing, they, the German people, love Obama. So I have a feeling that I will hear something, no matter who wins. This will be a test of my resolve; of how long will I be able to keep it all in. If I was a betting man, not long at all.

I may have a Midwestern point of view, but I do not have the Midwestern tolerance. I am passionate and head strong. I speak my mind and all too often let it all out.

Now once again, I do try to avoid this when I travel. It is part of my improving myself. I need to learn to stop, listen and just nod, not to speak. But that is hard for me, ask any of my family or friends, they will be more than happy to tell you that. I am sure each has a story about my passion and head strongness.

It is on my mind, and an area I need improvement in, but entering a country during an election in the USA is like placing a drug addict in the middle of a crack house and saying “Don’t”. Chances are they will, and chances are I will.

I will try hard not to, I will fight it to the best of my ability, but knowing myself, I will only be able to do that for a few seconds, my goal, to get that to a few minutes. Small baby steps, that’s the way to do it.



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My day job takes me all over the world; I have traveled to7 different countries over the past 11 years and have enjoyed the ability to make friends in places I never thought I would. I have good friends in Brazil, UK, Sweden and Germany. Friends that I will chat with via email or visit when I get the change to fly there, one such change is coming up, I will be heading off for a 3 week trip to the UK, Germany and Sweden this November. Along with all the work I have to do why I am there, I will also get a chance to visit with my friends. It’s always nice to sit and talk to good friends over dinner and a glass of wine.

The chance to chat with friends is one that I rarely pass up, I love to sit and just “shot the breeze”, it allows for the conversation to take on a natural organic flow. Creating an atmosphere of family, there is something worm and comforting about that, each time I travel overseas to work, I always make an effort to make time for conversations.

Conversation is the corner stone of any relationship; it is where true friendship and love are forged and where they can also be dismantled. It is in conversation that we discover the truth of the person, not always what they say, but how they say it, or how they react to it. Conversation is the alpha and omega of relationship; it is the center and outer rings of complex situations.

For example, take the current political session, each candidate is involved in a conversation with America. Each is trying to create the groundwork for a more personal relationship with you. We, as Americans rarely vote on issues, we vote on how we “see” the candidate. We look for moments of connectivity, moments that define them to us. We base our vote on the conversation they had with us.

We can also us our faith life as an example. Many people attend Services; they invest themselves in the process by volunteering their time. They allow the conversation of the church they attend to penetrate themselves. They like what they hear, or they feel safe in the situation.

The traversed can be said also, for both examples. Many people will not vote for one candidate, not because they don’t agree with the issues, but because the candidate “feels” wrong to them. Or a person my not volunteer because they do not feel they are with family, they do not feel safe.  

A conversation is the cornerstone, the foundation that must be laid if we want to build upon any relationship, be it personal or professional. Without a strong conversation the whole social structure you have worked to create will crumble. Without a strong foundation to build upon your work is in vain.

We have seen this throughout history, week foundations in negotiations results in a breakdown of talks, failed relationships results in wars and so on. We have also seen strong relationships built because of conversations that were honest and solid. Wars have been obverted and allies made. Conversations are the key.

In today’s outlook on the world, conversations have been reduced to sound bites and text messaging. We have allowed technology to form us instead of us forming it. We see it in the news, where important information is reduced to a 30 second sound bite, or tragedy is given a catch phrase and logo. We experience with our youth, where text messaging has replaced true conversations. I have watched as two teens argued via text messages, there have been news reports of Hollywood stars breaking up via a text message (of course it was in a 30 second sound bite). We are losing the art of conversation; we are creating cornerstones out of fluff rather than solid materials. We see it in the inability of our youth to carry on conversations without the use of their phones.

Some will argue that text messaging is the new “writing Letters”, I would argue that it is not. With a text messaging your message is abbreviated, both in words and in depth. We have a generation who have taken the art of conversation and reduced it to communication with no true feelings.

Sure I email my friends and even have IM sessions with them, but when it comes to building a relationship with them, when it is truly important, I want to have a conversation. I want to sit with them, face to face, to forge a bond that is strong for years to come.

So I am looking forward to this trip overseas, I am looking forward to adding to the foundation of the friendships I have forged, the foundation built upon good food, good wine and great conversations.


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“It’s not right in one life too much rain”, that’s from a Paul McCartney song, I’m not sure if it’s his original line of if he got it from some other great thinker, but non-the-less it’s a great line. It’s one of those lines that make you think. It’s not a typical Paul McCartney line; it’s a little down and out sounding, like life is just crap. But in truth, I don’t think that’s what he was saying; I think the line is more about perspective than anything else.

Keeping our lives in balance, that’s what it’s all about. We need to learn that, we need to practice that, and we need to implement that in to our daily life. Perspective, how we see things, how we interrupt life.

No life is perfect, and truly no day is ever truly smooth sailing, yet some of us see life that way. We are said to be wearing rose tinted glasses. We choose to see life as upbeat and positive. We chose to create a world that meets our needs. Now the argument can be made that others who do not see the world through rose colored classes choose to do so. And that is true; they do chose to see life as a negative. But once again it’s all about balance. We need to allow the sun to shine in our life as well as allowing the rain to fall. Each has a purpose.

Too Much Rain  

By: Paul McCartney

Laugh when your eyes are burning
Smile when your heart is filled with pain
Sigh as you brush away your sorrow
Make a vow that it’s not gonna happen again

It’s not right in one life too much rain

You know the wheels keep turning
Why do the tears run down your face?
We used to hide away our feelings
But for now tell yourself it won’t happen again

It’s not right in one life too much rain

It’s too much for anyone
Too hard for anyone
Who wants a happy and peaceful life
You’ve gotta learn to laugh

Smile when you’re spinning round and round
Sigh as you think about tomorrow
Make a vow that your gonna be happy again

It’s all right in your life no more rain

It’s too much for anyone
Too hard for anyone
Who wants a happy and peaceful life
You’ve gotta learn to laugh

The song sings of finding peace, happiness and balance in one’s life. The song speaks of choosing to see life as positive, choosing a balance between rain in your life or sunshine.


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Don’t stand in someone else’s shadow when it’s your sunlight that should lead the way.


I found this statement at http://www.indianchild.com/thoughts_for_life.htm and I found it to such a simple and true statement that I wanted to share it with you. We all shine, we all have the light in us, we just need to learn how to let it shine. But the question is how do we do that. How do allow our light to shine when we are unsure of ourselves, when we see ourselves as nothing important, nothing worth sharing no value in what we offer?

This is the question that needs to be answered; this one question alone will change your world, when you find the answer.

So how do you find the answer, where do you look? You may not like the response I give, but I feel it is the truth. The first place you look is to God, it is in God that we will find the answer for the question “What was I created for, what purpose do I serve in this world” the second part of the equation is “How do I do what is expected of me” and for that answer you must look inside of yourself. 

Both questions and both answers are hard to hear, each involves trust, the first question involves trust in something greater then self, and the second involves trust in self.

We don’t like to give up control over ourselves, and to give ourselves to God, to place trust in Him is hard to do, in involves great faith and trust. Yet I fell that that is the main reason you must. We need to learn to have faith is what we do not see, we need to learn to except that we are not in control of our lives, that there is a greater power that allows us to decide, but ultimately God has the power.

Through prayer and meditation, we can learn to let go and allow God to work through us, allowing His graces to fill us and to flow from us, allowing His light to shine for all to see.

This is the first part of the process, accepting that there is something larger then you, something greater then you out there.

The second part is seeing in yourself the value of you. Seeing that God has not created junk, but rather each of us is a unique art work, in progress. That each of us offers the world something that no one else can offer and without it the world is not complete. That we along with the rest of the world paint a complete picture, one of love, a picture that would not be whole without our own unique brush strokes.

We need to stand tall for who we are, let the light shine for all to see, and to bask in the sunlight that is our uniqueness.

Once again, hard to do, lots of work and trust in God and self, but it can be done. Pray and meditate on it, allow the Holy Spirit to work with you and through you and you will see a change.


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I am Great!

Is it ok to be positive for positives sake? Should be “pretend” that all is well, when in reality life is crap? Should we fake it? And if so, for how long.

One of the things I am criticized for is my always upbeat response to “How are you” I always respond with GREAT! People will ask, “How can you always be great, it just can’t be.” And in truth they are correct, sometimes it’s not great, sometimes it just horrible. But here is my philosophy on that:

What good will it do anyone? You or anyone else by stating the fact that you are not great, there is no value in it; no one gains anything from that statement. Be it fact or not, no value is served to you are anyone else.  So why burden someone with your issues? Why load them up with negative thoughts and ideas? And why would you want to carry that weight with you? So even when life is crap, wake up with a positive outlook, and tell everyone you meet that life is grand! And before you know it, life will be great. We project what we want. Project negative views on life and you will experience a negative life project a positive view on life, and it shall be.

Now I know that life happens, and that some days will be better than others, I also know that life is not always great, but so what. Sure some days your life will be crap, even when you are projecting positive views of life, such is life.

Positive energy, positive projection is the key to a healthy life, but don’t take my word for it, look it up, People with a positive outlook on line, live longer healthier and more productive lives. So for me it’s a sure thing, think positive and look at life as a blessing and always be thankful for what you have. I have a grasp on reality, I know that bad things happen in life, I know the world is not perfect, and I know that life happens. But with my outlook on life, it can happen all it wants, and to the best of my ability I will not allow it to bring me down. I will be thankful for the opportunity to allow life to happen to me, knowing that I have some control over my life, and others in this world do not.

I saw a sign this past weekend, I should have gotten it, and it read:


“I complained about my shoes hurting, than I met a man with no feet”


Makes you go Hmmm…. Don’t it.  There is always someone worst off than I, so who am I to complain. So ask yourself, is life really that bad?


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