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The political statements will stop (for now) and I will try my best not to use this blog for my own point of view, But I must admit, it felt good!

Sometimes doing something just for the feeling of it is a great thing. Now I am not advocating drug taking or drinking to get drunk as a thing one should do, just because it feels good. But I am advocating that we sometimes need to do something just because. Like my blog from yesterday, it just felt good to let all my anger out, all my fears out. Maybe I changed a few minds, or made people think, but really that want not my point in writing it, my point was, I needed a release, I needed to get it out in the open. So if I offended anyone, or made anyone feel uncomfortable, so be it. Sometimes that’s ok also. My point of views will not be everyone’s, and in today’s Politically Correct worlds, we all too often hold things in, and that can have a very negative effect on ourselves and others.

The effect on ourselves, I think most of can understand, but on others… That may be a little bit harder to understand. How can I being politically correct affect others in a negative way?

Easy, if I am not true to myself, how can I be true to others? If I hide who I am, do I really look for the truth of others? We may fool ourselves in thinking we do, but if you stop and really think about, we can’t. We cannot look or see in others that witch we hid in ourselves. If we find something so hideous in ourselves that we hide it, we don’t look at it, then we will do the same with others, we will not see it, it would be a reminder of what we do not want to see in ourselves.

Now I am not saying that all Political Correctness is bad, but I do think that the fact that we have taken it too such extremes is, the fact that we have no tolerance for others point of views that goes across the grain of the current correctness doctrine is. In today’s PC world, one cannot have a view that is not that of the collective, so my political statement was my way to let it all out, they represent my true feelings on the current election.

So sometimes is a good thing to let it all hang out, and sometimes is not a good idea, each situation offers its own unique opportunity to discern the response needed. And yesterday I discerned the need to state my fears of the up and coming election, today, I discerned the need to explain myself, and tomorrow who knows what I will discern. But I can promise that whatever it is, it will be the true me. The one not afraid to let it all hang out, now just how I let it show, and what I choose to show will depend on the current state of being. So stay tuned… You never know what will come nexts.


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