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Change is Hard

Change can happen in many ways, and can hit you when you don’t even expect it. Change has a funny way of doing that. Well I am dealing with one such change. I have to change how I see myself as a youth minister. Currently I am a youth minister for my parish, but I know over the next year I have to start to pull myself out and look for a replacement. What a hard thing to do. But it is a change I must make, not because I no longer love being a youth minister, because I do, it’s more about making a life change and part of it is leaving youth ministry. Now let me clarify this, I, along with my partner, Theresa (www.timlytididbits.wordpress.com) own a company, STATIC Solutions, LLC (www.staticplace.com) who’s main purpose is youth. We have developed a youth program that challenges youth to take ownership of their faith. As part of helping the company to grow, I know I need to leave the parish family behind and use that time to help grow STATIC (Students Taking Action Together In Christ) to other churches.

Change hits hard sometimes and sometimes change comes when you really don’t want it to. I love youth ministry, this is going to one of the hardest things I must do, but I am doing it because I love youth ministry so much. It is the youth I serve, and to serve them to the best of my ability, I must leave it to serve it.

Change is hard…


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