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Sorry for the delay between postings, but I am currently in Germany, having a great time and working. So my bloging has been put on hold.

So as I sit here in Germany, I missed out on the historic elections (I did vote by mail), but i missed all the fun of election night! Such is life.

But I have not missed out on the talks of the vote, here in Germany they are very up on the election, and I can say, very happy with the results. I can’t get in to a cab with out someone asking me if I am American, and if I am happy about Obama. I can not lie, I am not happy about Obama, but I am an American first, and I will support my President! And pray for the best!

Mr. Obama talked a lot about change, personal and as a country, and I could not agree more, the difference is in what direction the change goes. As I told my sister last night, “I hope I am wrong about Mr. Obama, I hope he turns out to be one of the best presidents we ever had” but only time will tell.

Change is a comin… One way or another….


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