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Please except my apologies for not blogging every day, but my trip overseas was one of great demands on me, both work and personal. You see I have many friends in the countries I visit for work. One of the perks of my travels is the great friendships I have made with many people. So when I have the opportunity to visit with them, I take advantage of that. So in doing so, my blogging became a minor priority.

But the opportunity to visit with my friends, to rekindle the flame of friendship, well that became a major responsibility and it took its toll on me.  I’m not as young as I once was, so the late nights out for dinner and the few drinks (well, ok more than a few) also took their toll.

Friendship is the spice of life; it is what makes my life so enjoyable. I have friends all over the earth and each one adds something to my life. So when I have the opportunity to visit and chat with them, I take it! I choose to add fresh spice to my life, to mix it up a little and with any luck, leave a little of my spice behind.

So the trip, although long, I was away from my home for 4 weeks, was well worth it. The conversations with my friends where enjoyable and served to strengthen our bonds across the ocean, the dinners where filling and fulfilling, serving both the body and soul. Time was always working on me, it seemed as if the days flew by, and before I knew it I was off to another land, to work and visit with my friends.

Now of all my friends here and abroad, I count them equal, none greater than or less than the other. Sure the local friends I have I see more and talk to more, and yes they add spice to my life, but I value them no more than I value the ones I see only on occasions when I travel.

A life lesson can be learned from my travels, one of gratitude for the capacity of the human heart. I have learned that love knows no borders and friendships can sustain the miles between, a lesson that all should learn.

 Friendship is a privilege that we all can receive and give; it is not a right that one can claim. We must work for our friendships, learn and grow from them. The spice of life friendship represents is a spice of joy and happiness. A spice that should never be horded for yourself, but one that must be shared, if you truly wish to experience the true flavor of it, a spice that is not contained, but rather set free in to the winds of life.


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