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As I drove in to work this morning the roads where a little messy, you see last night we had a snow fall, about 3 inches here in south east Michigan. As a result the drive took a little longer than normal. I’m good with that, no rush, take your time and everyone will make it to their destinations. A little precaution in life is a good thing.

My drive was safe, no one was rushing to get anywhere, but that too can be aggravating. As I neared my work, I got stuck behind a car doing 5 miles per hour, no kidding, they were going 5mph. No a little precaution is a good thing, but too much is no better than none at all.

Many people treat life the same way, they move at 5mph through life, thinking they are being safe, that at this speed nothing can happen to them, they are safe.

Take the driver from this morning, yes they were going about it the “safe way”, so they thought. But in reality, the slowness of their driving caused more danger.


If you are behind them and do not notice they are only going 5mph, you will be on them before you know it. Now you may say “Then you are going to fast” Not so, if you are going with the “flow” of traffic and the road conditions allow it. Today was maybe a 20mph day on a 30mph road, so 5mps is way too slow.

The same happens in life, if you are taking life at 5mph and life conditions are at 20mph, you will cause backups, and collisions, life will pass you by.

So yes, use caution in life, but make sure its appropriate for the situation.


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