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Sometimes you have to let go to move on. It seems People like to hold on to issues and things in life. This past summer my sister and friend and I had to close down the store we opened up only 18 months before, in doing so we had lots of left over merchandise so we decided to have a garage sale. This provided us with the opportunity to unload “stuff” we have collected over the years along with the left over’s from the store. It truly was a blessing for me, I was able to go through all the memories and junk I was keeping in my home, some of it had lots of meaning to me, in the past, and some of it I am not sure why I kept it, but I did. I had books I had already read; my grand plan was to build a library to display all the books. I was an avid Beatle collector in my youth, but all my prized possessions where stored in boxes in the basement where know one, including me, could enjoy them. I collected things for this reason and that, but none of it was displayed, it was all packed away in a wet basement. So out it went, and priced to go. My theory was “Let someone else enjoy them”. Many told me to hold off, place it on eBay and make some real money off it. And with some I could have, with others not. But truthfully I knew that if I didn’t sell it than it would still be in my basement collecting dust, and no one enjoying it.

Sometimes you have to let go to move on…

A new chapter was started that day in my life, I have decided to continue the process of cleaning out my house, I will go through every closet and drawer, look in every corner to discover what is hidden and then clean it out! It truly is a refreshing feeling to know that you have less in your life of more.

Some people seem to have a difficult time with that, they never want to let go, to clean out the hidden spot with in their home. They hold on to it, and just pile more on top. Then they wonder why they have no room for the new, why nothing seems to be fitting as they planned, life is a lot like that.

We do the same with our lives, we never let go, and we just keep adding on top and then cannot figure out why we cannot change, why it seems to be always the same.

Recently my Brother lost his 23 year old son to in an auto accident, it was, as you would expect, a tragic time in our families lives. But from that tragedy came a revelation on my part. A revelation that I thought I had learned before. “Life is to short” prior to the death of my nephew my brother and I were not on very good terms, I was holding on to the old, and packing new on top of it. It was a very unhealthy way of life. But I have learned a lesson, much like cleaning out my house; I need to clean out my life. The process has started, and like my house, it will be an ongoing process, one that will take time. But I will clean it out, I will remove all that holds me down, keeps me from become all I can and I will open up the closets of my soul and allow the sunlight of forgiveness and kindness in. Very poetic words, but of little value if I do nothing with them, much like people telling to hold on to my collectables and sell them on eBay. I knew then that if I held on to them I would never let them go. The same with my life, if I continue to hold on to the bad, to wait until the perfect time comes to let them go, I will never do it.

Sometimes you have to let go to move on…


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