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“To each their own”, we all have heard this and most likely have said it in the past.  It sounds like sound advice. But is it really good advice? Is what we do only affecting ourselves, or does it affect the world at large? Do we live in a bubble or do we live in a global community?

We hear this argument a lot concerning drug use, the redefinition of marriage and political or religious stances. We tend to compartmentalize our lives, placing aspects of our lives in to nice neat little boxes, and only bringing them out when we feel safe, when we feel that we will not be looked down upon or ostracized for displaying our belief system. We hide our convictions in the name of political correctness and live our lives to a moral code that we do not agree with. We allow the minority to control us, as the majority continues to pack up their platform to hide away in the name of not offending.

We are creating a sterol society that has the convictions of a 3 year old. On that will change its mind at the turn of a head and the change in the voice of the few. Our ability to stand tall has been made in to a crime, for if anyone stands tall and counters the current wisdom is considered a Lune and a nut case, one that should be silenced and put away. If we do not follow the new order of “To each their own” we are considered enemies of the state, all in the name of tolerance.

How they fail to see the contradiction in that is beyond me, but it seems that with this new world order, the ability to check yourself has gone out the window, and is replaced with finger pointing and the  calling out of dissenters from the world order. Free thinking is not allowed, unless it is of the same thinking as our so called liberators. The mantra of to each their own only applies to those that think the same as them, it is not for us, who dissent from their point of view.

If we are truly people who want to change, we need to understand that our actions affect others, that we do not live in this world alone. We have to unpack our core beliefs and live by them, even if it fails to meet the political correctness test that is forced upon us. We need to reestablish the basic premise that we are a global community that must live together and that the care of this community falls upon each of us, and that with freedom comes a great responsibility, that true freedom does not include the doctrine of “To each their own”, that in fact the opposite is true, that with true freedom we become servants of our fellow brothers and sisters.

The complexities of the modern world has created a truly global society and with that is coming a train of thought that states we must lose our identity and meld into the globalness of our current world, forsaking our past and heritage for a new world order. The closer we get to this, the more we will lose our ability to self expression, our ability to grow and to become. The ability to change and to become a new you will be lost forever.

The above is just my outlook on the world today, my hope is that everyone will stop and take a deep look with in and find all the core ideas that you have hidden away for fear of being labeled, unpack them and determine if they are truly uplifting and positive for the human race as a whole, if so display them with pride, if not toss it out. Allow yourself the freedom of self expression and the ability to grow and change in to a positive force for the global community.


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