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With the 8th anniversary of 9-11 coming up, I thought I would reflect on America and freedom. Both topics I have talked about before on this blog. Nothing really new, but a topic I think that needs to be in the American conversation more than it is.

If we look at the American conversation that is going on today, we will see healthcare is at the center of the conversation. We are involved in a heated debate over a socialistic healthcare system for America. At the center of this debate is not weather the poor should have healthcare, I would argue that everyone agrees that we all need healthcare. I would even argue that we all can agree that in some way they should be covered even if they have no means to pay. But that is were the similarities stop.

I do not agree with, and I never will agree with, a government run healthcare. A government run healthcare is a socialistic and I am anti-socialistic. So to add to this American conversation I will offer up my remedy to repair the American Healthcare system:

  1. Remove all government “requirements” for what insurance companies must cover.
  2. Open the borders, all insurance companies the ability to cross state borders
  3. Require that all insurance companies must set aside 1% of there services to insure the uninsured

I believe the 3 steps above would create a competitive environment lowering our over all cost and insuring the uninsurable by the privet sector, not the American government.

This also allows the free market to do what is does and the American competitive nature will be strong and working hard to bring us the best healthcare in the world. O wait we have that….


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