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Sometimes simplicity is called for and other times it is mandated!


We all too often make things to complicated, we tend to add a level of difficulty to any task we do, or to any achievement we wish to gain.


Just look at the new math being used in schools, we can’t just say 2+2=4, no that’s just way to easy. But in the end 4 is the answer we come too.


We feel that we have accomplished more, if it’s harder, more steps, or more confusing. But really it doesn’t have to be that way, we add layer upon layer to all we do, then we feel that we have accomplished a great and mighty deed.


We do this to ourselves, we tend to lean that way naturally, but I am revolting against that, if fact I have been for sometime, I refuse to make things more complicated then they already our. I take each matter I must deal with, and break it down to the simplest; I take the complicated equation and turn it in to a 2+2=4 equation.


If it is true at the 2+2 side of the equation, then it will be true for the complex equation also. The truth of the matter or the gain of the process will be the same, regardless of how we went about it.


As long as the process was healthy and prosperous, the formula used to get there is secondary. So why complicate matters more with complicated steps and procedures, reduce it to the easiest formula, and achieve greatness with fewer complications.


Live life by the 2+2 rule, and find that really nothing is that complicated to do or understand. Remove the layers of complexity that we have added, get back to the basics, and watch as your life clears up, and come back in to focus.


2+2 has always equaled 4 regardless of how you do the math, keep it simple, and straight forward, and your life will have a new clarity.



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Key #9: Higher Standards

You will only achieve what your standards will allow, so set them high, and reach for them daily…

We all to often want to see results the moment we do something, so we set our goals and standards low, that way we can easily achieved them, and see results. The problem is, if we set them low, we never achieve a higher level. We are always going for the lower level.

We produce a circular relationship, that keeps us down, not allowing ourselves to reach higher. By setting our standards and goals higher, we then start to learn how to reach out and achieve the goal that was beyond our reach before.

Start by looking at your goals and standards you have today, rank them a level of difficulty, where the set up to be achieved with easy so you could see instant results? Or are the set up to guarantee failure? Theses goals and standards need to be re-aliened with your true purpose. They need to me realistic, but still higher then before. Each goal or standard needs to grow from one the the other and they have to be organic, able to change and adapt to the situation at hand. Learn to take smaller steps to the larger goal.

Learn to reach beyond yourself daily, to reach for the standard you have set, once you have reached it, begin to reach for the next, and before you know it, your life will be new!


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