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Take each day as it comes to you… That little bit of advice can take you a long way in life. Each and everyday offers you something new and different, sometimes its exciting, sometimes not, it can be new or it can be the same old stuff, but each day is new, each day is exciting… If you allow it to be…


We all can look at life and see the negative side of it, we can all see the sameness of each day, see the madness of it or we can choose to see the newness of it, the joy of it. We are created of free will, the freedom to choose how we see each day.


I have heard stories of people in concentration camps who chose to see the glory in each day they where still alive, they made a conscious decision to acknowledge the bad, but to live out the good. They where surrounded by death and evil, they saw no good from there captures they expereanced no love nor joy, but chose to live life filled with joy, hope and love.


We all have hardships in life, we all have days of despair, moments of anguish, and we are all allowed to acknowledge them, in fact we have an obligation to do so, to allow the feelings to be felt, but we also have an obligation to choose how we live our life.


We can choose to live life in despair or to live life is joy. Each and every day is new, and with it comes new opportunities to live our life, to choose to celebrate the gift of life, and an opportunity to show others how to live their life.


History is filled with individuated who’s lives where filled with nothing but despair and hardship, but they chose not to live life out that way, but rather they chose to live the life they dreamed of, the one they wished for and prayed to God for. They chose to live a live of possibilities, of joy and wonder.


We have the choice, we have the ability all we need to do is take the steps, perform the action, live is yours for the making, and each day offers you a new chance to take it!



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Key #4. Big Dreamer

When have you ever heard someone say, I have small dreams for my child, I only want them to complete 6th grade and then just sit around all day for the rest of their life. Probably never, but I have learned in this world, that you never know, someone may have.

Well the same is true for us, we don’t want to have small dreams, or small plans for ourselves, we want BIG DREAMS… BIG PLANS… Well I sat the bigger the better! No go and make it happen.

As I have stated before, I am one of 3 others in a business venture, and I am the big dreamer, and I do mean BIG… As we stand at the moment, paying rent would be a big step for us, but that don’t stop me from dreaming BIG! I plan not for today for the tomorrows yet to come. I need to see the vision, and I need to feel the dream. It is all-to-often the dream that keeps me going.

So let you dreams come alive! Let them take over, if only for a few minutes each-day. It is very healthy, and very proactive, schedule it in to your day, take the five, ten or fifteen minutes to allow yourself to dream, and make it a big dream. You will find that you will come-out of it, refreshed and invigorated, with a new look on life. I do this everyday, I don’t schedule it, because it is part of my make up, but I do find that what ever is of concern, diminishes, and I see life in a new light.

My dreams keep me moving forward, because if I have no dreams, then what reason do I have to keep working.

It don’t matter if the dreams are achievable, the important thing is that it’s your dream, and your dreams become your realities. Like all dreams, only parts of it are based in reality, but the dream, often times allows you to see the reality it can become.

So starting today, allow yourself to dream, and make the dream a big one! Let yourself go, allow the moment to take you, who knows you just may dream the next big company in to existence, or better yet you may just dream the new and improved you in to existence.


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