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Change can happen when just seem to happen when you least expect it to, you just seem to walk in to it. One moment you are you, than BAM you are someone new. Funny how that works, we can spend a life time trying to make a better us, and it seems that overnight it just happens. Like the overnight stars we read about, one day they are nothing the next they are super stars. What we don’t read about are all the long nights they practiced or all the failures they had. As a people we like stories that seem supernatural, we like the underdogs. This is one of the reasons “American Idol” is so popular, an unknown becomes known, worldwide. And it seems like it was over night, it just happened. Sure sometimes you hear a true story of a person just sitting in a coffee shop, and the next moment they are big movie stars, a producer found them, never acted before, had no interest in it, and BAM a star is born. But they are rare, most of us struggle to make it in whatever we are doing. We fail, pick ourselves up and try again. It’s how life is. Change takes work, each and every step, forward or backwards is a step in our change process. We never truly move backwards, setbacks and failures are all part of the process. I have set up several companies in my past, and each has “failed” according the conventional wisdom, but to me each has moved me a step closer the “overnight success” I am waiting for. Each has been part of the process. Each offers a lesson learned. So the success of any of my endeavors is on the back of my “failures”, the same can be said for the change that takes place in me, the new me is always on the back of the old. Reinventing myself is not possible, I am already invented, but I can polish and fix it myself up a bit, but trust me, it will not be an overnight change, but rather one of a life time of changes, and becomings. Paul

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