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There comes a time is our day to dayness that we must refuel our spirit, top off our energy and just tune-up our being. Well today is one of those days for me. I needed to stop and refuel myself.


Part of the process of creating a new you, is understands that it takes a lot of work, hard work. We really don’t think about it at the time, we just do what we must, but it takes a lot out of you.


Well I too am trying to create a new me, in a lot of different areas of my life, and as of late the process has been going strong and fast, God has called me to many different tasks, all at once, and today I said enough, I need me time, I need to refuel my spirit, my being. I need to rest. So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to spend time with me. Let my mind rest, let my beingness just do that, be.


I will be as I read, or clean the house, I will be as I do all the stuff I want to do, or not be, I will just be, all-day today, my goal is just to be.


I think its important that we allow ourselves the opportunity to get in touch with our beingness, or essence. To define beingness, I would say that our beingness is the core of who we are, as people. Not just our physical body, but also our soul, or spirit, or totality.


Beingness is the essence of which we are the center of our human life, here on earth. But we can not separate the body from the soul, the spirit. We all too often take care of the body and soul as two separate things, but in truth they arte one.


We need to learn to nurture both, we need to see them as one, they are our beignness, and they are our essence. They are what God has created. So today, I choose to nurture both.


How can we do this? Lots of ways, but first it must be an intentional act, one that we choose to make.


If you work out, to improve your body, listen to MP3’s of prayers, or meditations, so you are working both body and soul, you are working your beingness.


If you like to read, read inspirational uplifting books, so you are working out your mind and soul, your beingness.


If you are cleaning the house, play uplifting music or inspirational CD’s that challenge you, so you are working out your beingness.


We can incorporate it in all we do, we can work our body, mind and soul our beingness all at once.


So today, spend sometime with your beingness, and work it out a little, push it to its limits and allow it to grow.


As for me I am going to clean my house, and my soul, both can use a little cleaning. I am going to put my home and my beingness in order.



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