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I love to read, I read books, magazines, newspapers and anything else I can find to read. I love to read different types or styles from Stephen King to Bishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a Catholic book, magazine or

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I have friends and family members that are of the belief that their actions affect no one that they live in a bubble; their actions are there’s alone. What a sad way to live life. If you ask me, that is not even living. Our lives are made to connect to others, to interact with humanity, and to live one’s life as if you are an island unto yourself is not living, but rather dieing unto yourself.

The Human condition is a complex condition, one with many levels and deep interlocking connections. Your ability to manage this complex force will also determine your ability to navigate through life. Some people seemed better prepared for this task as others seem to fail and falter at every one of life’s twist and turns. Their ability to bend and move seems to be limited to a very small box or space; some will argue that the box or space is based on their upbringing, or the current environment they find themselves in. Others will argue that it is out of their control, that outside forces are dictating their actions. And some will say it’s just plain old bad luck.

I know people that fit all three types, and I know some who just don’t care, no reason for their life, and really don’t care. To me all of them have chosen their path. And all of them have chosen the wrong one.

Life is what you make of it, regardless of your upbringing, your luck or any other outside influence. The only person from above who truly understands their life is the one who states “I just don’t care”. That is the only true and honest response to why their life is a mess.

Now I know some will be saying, now wait, what about all the people that where abused and children, or grew up poor or had a bad hair day… and so on. And I respond, that truly is sad, and my heart goes out to them, but that is life. As youth we have no to very little control over our lives, and yes, we do use our life experiences to help us shape our future. And that is the key; we use it to help us shape our lives, not the other way around. Our life experiences do not shape us; we use them to help us. How he chooses to process that information is still up to us. I have read many books of children who have suffered unthinkable abuses, and have chosen to use that life of living hell as a reason to better themselves, to make this world a little brighter, for themselves and others. I have also heard stories of the opposite, kids from happy and healthy families, which decided to process the information for the negative, to harm all they can include themselves.

I have experienced both reactions with my family and friends. I have seen the effects of taking responsibility and the effects of blame. I have witnessed the growth and distraction of the human spirit, and I have seen the spirit of life diminish and grow with in that person. The connections between the two are directly related. Ones level of spirit, ones level of life, is related to their outlook on life itself.

The path we choose to live is our own choice, it is our freewill that determines our life, it saddens me to see people who are not willing to accept the responsibility of life. It breaks my heart to see a life wasted on the “what could have been’s” and the “what is was”. We all make choices, we all have the ability to move forward, stand still or move backwards. No magical force will move us, no history determines our path and no future is determined. The game of life is not a toss of the dice, but rather a thought out process of growth.


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Life is what we make of it…

That’s a good tag line, but is it true?  Can we decide our own life, can we create a life we dream of, and is life something that we can manipulate?

Well in a word Yes, and in another word No. As with everything in life, it’s not that simple. We have the ability to control our own life, but what we can’t do is control the lives of those around us. We can make changes in how we act, we can learn to control our emotions, and we can even change habits, but we cannot control the emotions, habits or actions of others.

And like it or not, the actions, habits and emotions of others affect us all. We do not and cannot live our lives in a protective bubble. Life happens, and when it does we have to choose our own reaction to it, and also deal with the reaction of others around us.

We may choose to confront it, and others around us may choose to walk away, the choice is ours and theirs to make. What we decide to do will define us, and help shape us. If we allow others to influence us to the point of abandoning our own convictions, then we have allowed them to define us. They now have to power to control us, to make us in to what they see us as, not how we define ourselves.

In either case, life is what we made it, we either made it our own, or we allowed someone to make it for us.

When defining your life, when choosing what will help define you, you need to heed the warning and lessons of the past, of family and friends and of faith. We cannot, and should not live in a protective bubble, I just said that but it deserves repeating, our lives are not to be lives in solitude, we are creatures that desire company of our own kind. So in order to live in harmony with our fellow creatures, we must learn to listen, and learn from others, to help us form our life to help us discern who we are, and what we want to be.

Life is what you make it, but everyone else has also made life what they want it to be. The trick is to make it all work together.


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How many people does it take to change you?


One… YOU


You have all the power in you to change you for the better, but only if you wish. We all can change, we all can grow and become a better you, if you want to. You are empowered to govern yourself. You have the control over yourself, no one else does.


You decide what you wish to become, it’s your life, grab it by the horns and ride it for all it’s worth. Life will always give you a few bucks and you will tumble off and fall to the ground.


But what you do next will define you, you have choices to make, will you sit where you are, and cry foul, blaming others for your fall, or will you stand back up, wipe the dirt off and get back on and ride?


All too often we choose the first choice, to sit where we are, and blame others for our failures. We hear it all the time, statements of blame. But how often do we hear statements of ownership when things go wrong?


This simple difference can make great changes in your life; you will become proud of all you do, even your failures on life. You will start to feel that life is not out to get you. But rather that life is what you make of it.


Ownership of what we do, and what we fail to do, is the key to a life of prosperity, a life of great reward and excitement, it is a life worth living!


The sate, government and our families owe us nothing. We, at some point in our lives, have to decide when we take ownership of our life. We need to own all we do, say and fail to do or say.


But in America, and globally, we are people who always look to blame others for what we don’t have in our lives. We ask the government to provide for us, what we fail to provide for ourselves. We look to family to fill in the missing parts of our life. So when we fail we can blame our families, blame the government, blame anyone but ourselves.


Change your thought on this, change your outlook, and take ownership of your life, define yourself by what you do and fail to do, for yourself. Fall off often, but get back up, bust yourself off and remount life.


We all need to own our life, see all that we do or fail to do as a direct result of ourselves; we need to feel free to claim or successes as well as our failures.


Life is a ride, it kicks and stutters, but it also goes smoothly, the only difference between them is how we choose to deal with it.



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To live life in fear is a way of life for many; they seem to thrive on it. They like to live life always scared, scared of the everyday, scarred of the unknown and the known.


To them life is something to run from, something to hide from, and they do it many ways. Some literally hide, never leaving there home, but that is not the only way one can hide.


Some hide behind drug and drink, and some use work or church. We can always find some way to hide. We can even hide inside of ourselves, and no one would ever know it.


Sure life can be scary with murders, rapes and just everyday atrocities.  But life is also full of wonder and awe.


So why do some of us choose to hide, choose to be scared?


To live life takes guts, it takes courage, and it takes boldness. Life is hard but life is also easy. Life is a paradox, it will become what we choose to make. Life is real, and life is meant to be lived.


I can’t explain why some choose not to live life, nor can I explain why some choose to live life, but what I can tell you is that it is a choice. We all have the same choice; we all can choose to live or not to live. We create our world, for good or for bad; we decide how we want to live, for good or for bad.


Life is ours, we own it, and we must take responsibility for it. We must decide to live it, live it bold and to live it with the wonder and awe it deserves.  We have many people telling us how to live life, for good or bad, we have many people showing us how to live, giving us examples, of good and bad.


We can choose to look to great people, hold them up and emulate them, or we can look to sub-great people and choose to emulate them. Life offers us opportunities to become all that we are made to become, only if we choose.


So you can live life scared, or you can live life bold.  What do you choose?



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Time has the ability to change you, even if you do not want it to. We all grow and change over time, but some of us like to hold on to the past. Cling to it as a life preserver. We fight the change; we despise the growth and do all we can to stay in the past.


One would thing we do this because the past was a safer, kinder and gentler place, one where we feel protected. But it’s not always the case; some of us cling to the past, because it is known. Good bad or indifferent, we know what the past has to offer, we have lived it once, so we can live it over and over again, with no fear, and no growth.


Well as I stated in the start of this blog, growth happens to us regardless of what we want. So even though we think we are clinging to the past, in truth, we are just creating or present reality, we are living our lives in the present, using old and often times skewed memories of the past to help us navigate the present.


The human condition is set up to re-create moments that we store in our mind, to re-create them a little different. They are never truly as they happened, we may choose to spice them up a little, are add more smiles to them, or even make them worse then they truly where. It’s what we do; we skew images and memories to fit our needs and wants.


The human condition is set up that way, as a way of protecting us, and over time most of us will disregard memories that where truly unpleasant or on eventful, and only choose to keep the more happy and eventful moments. So often our “past” is just that “ours” and not truly the past.


When we choose to live the present in the past, for fear of facing the unknown, and choosing rather, to face the know of the past, we are living a life of created past. We are living a present that has never truly happened.


Each day is new, and each moment is special, each needs to be lived in the now, and not in the then.


So start today, and live it in the now, choose to feel the day as it is, and not as you think you did in the past.


Use the past the help you grow and chance, but do not use it as the now.



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What does it mean to be strong for someone? What does it mean to be strong for yourself?

Being strong can be taken so many different ways… I can act like nothing bothers me, and they will say, He is a strong man…. But really am I?

If I cry, they say, he is weak… But really am I?

We all are created from the same being, God… So we all have the same potential to be STRONG… Strong in the face of life.

We choose how we will respond to life, we choose how we want others to respond to us. We bring in to our life what we want out of it.

Start today, and choose to bring Love in to your life, choose to bring strength in to your life.

Start today, to reject what is not good for you, reject what is contrary to God, the good you where created from.

It’s not an easy road, but it is one we all can walk together.


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