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To be in a state of change can cause a little havoc in one’s life, and for anyone around them. It creates new and sometimes very interesting circumstances for both of them. The person involved in the change is proud of their new ability or trait, the person dealing with them is just confused, they don’t know who this person is. Both involved need to be understanding of the other. Change is not a solitary thing; it does not just affect you. It effects all who come in contact with you and even some who do not.

Change is the pebble dropped in the water; the ripples will affect everything it comes in contact with, the change in you is also change in others. It must be, or it cannot be authentic change.

Now some may say, “How does me not swearing anymore affect others I do not meet. I understand how affect my family and friends, but people I don’t even know, come on Paul, I think you are losing it.” Well you may be correct about me losing it, but change does affect others, I would say everyone. By you not using foul language, your family will see this, and in return will use it less, at least around you. It’s the peer pressure thing working in a positive way. If they swear less around you and they have friends around, the friends will hear them cussing less, and the affect goes on and on….

So your simple change will affect the world, maybe in a small way, but it will affect it. And sometimes the small ways are the best of ways.

So try to understand that others around you are affect directly by you choosing to change, choosing to grow, and in a way, you will cause change and growth in them.

Keep growing and changing, creating a better you knowing that you are also helping to create a better world, one small change at a time.


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