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With so much politics in the air, I thought I would add to the mix. In truth this election holds a lot at stake for America. We have both parties with historic candidates, the democrats with Obama and the Republicans with Palin.  But as important as that may be, that is not the real issue, what is at issue is how we see our roll in this country.

Do we see ourselves as free, free to choose for ourselves or as being taken care of, needing others to choose for us? To me that is the only question that needs to be asked this election, it’s not about the war, nor is it about the economy, it’s about freedom.

At this point I will give all democrats an out, I am a conservative, a strong, pig headed conservative, who believes that people should and can make their own decisions. So if you are a liberal that believes in the government making your donations for you in the form of taxation and redistribution they stop reading this blog,  if you’re a liberal who feels that the government should protect you from the bad corporations out there, then stop reading this blog.

My faith is in humanity, not in government. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in the United Sates government, and I love her for what she represents. But I do not like the directions liberals of this country are trying to take her, and we as Americans need to fight back, and take back our freedoms! We do not need the government telling us where our own money needs to go, who I have to support and so on. We need to choose for ourselves what charities we support, what social programs are worthy of support, we need the freedom to place our hard earned money where we want it to go!

But it’s not just about money; it’s also about basic personal freedoms. It’s about our ability to choose what doctor we want to see, or even what insurance program we what to purchase. It’s about a company’s ability to choose the path they wish to travel. Be it sound or not.  To remove this freedom, even for good intentions, damages the country more then to leave it. We are a kind nation, one that is known worldwide for giving in times of need, we are known for fighting for people who cannot do so for themselves and for teaching them how to fight. As the old saying goes, “Give them a fish, they eat for a day, teach them to fish, they eat for life.”

All too often social programs are of the “Give them a fish” mentality; we feed them for a day, but never teach them. That’s because to teach them would be to give them freedom, to give them the ability to fight for themselves, removing the need for the program, and the control that comes with it.

We are a nation of great intentions, we want to see everyone “make it”, but you cannot, nor should we want to, force it on someone. We, as individuals need to earn it, work for it, and sacrifice for it. To be given all I need, with no effort on my part, is to ask me to sell my freedom, as a very low price, for freedom is priceless!

This election holds the nation in a balance, depending on who we vote will determine the nation’s future. Will we vote for personal freedom, or for a nanny nation who watches over us, and decides for us? We have the freedom to choose, let’s choose freedom!


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Extreme #1: Is change always a good thing, must I always be growing?


Extreme #2: I stop growing, and I’m dead, change is a constant.


I reality there are really two types of people in the world, ones the are always on the move, and ones that are always standing still, yes I know that people fall between the 2 extremes, but for this blog I need to look at the extremes, because in someway we are one or the other.


The extremes are how most of us describe ourselves, me I am a #2 extreme, my sister; she would be a #1. Me I see change and growth as exciting and challenging, my sister, she see change as bother, and somewhat scary, me, well I like the unknown, its makes life, well, worth living.


Now to be honest, I am not always growing, unless you consider my waist size… And my sister is not always standing still, once again what I am talking about are the extremes, the label that would best describe myself. In truth I would fall somewhere near it, but not dead on it. If we where to say Extreme #1 was a value of 1 and Extreme #2 was a value of 10, I would be an 8 and my sister would be a 2.


We can create extremes for most any aspect of our life, any defining attribute, such as Liberal or Conservative, Me I am a conservative as is my sister, but she is more extreme then I am, but we both are conservative, where as my friend is a liberal, but not as extreme as some. If I where to rate them, with Liberal being 1 and Conservative being 10, I would be an 8, my sister would be a 9 and my friend would be a 4.


Why am I doing this, what point am I trying to make, what lesson am I teaching…


We need to define ourselves, and in order to do that, we need to know where we stand, and where we want to go, and the labels in life help us do that, gives us standards to base it all on.


We may not like the label, but if we are honest with ourselves they will serve us well.


So go ahead and label yourself, and rate yourself, based on the 2 extremes, be honest and you will learn who you are, and have a better idea of where you want to go.


Here are some examples of extremes:


Parent à Friend

Liberal à Conservative

Dynamic à Static

Introvert à Extravert


You can do it with any extreme, but you have to take a good hard look at yourself, and be honest, even if it hurts.

Start a journal of extreme ratings, one a month choose one of the extremes and rate yourself, have a friend or family member rate you, then use the month to try to change the extreme, set a goal and chart a path, journal about it and watch the changes happen. At the end of the month reevaluate yourself, and the same friend or family member do the same, and chart it in your journal.


Change is always happening, the only condition that in never constant is our involvement in the change. So become active in the process, and growth will follow.



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