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Sometimes the creative energy seems to be nowhere; no matter what I do I just can’t think of anything to write about. That’s the issue I am having at this moment. Over the weekend I read several things that I wanted to write about, or several ideas popped in to my head, now that it’s Monday morning, “poof” all gone! You would think I would learn to write them down, to email them to myself, to do something to remember the idea. But nope, I still don’t, and I always tell myself I will get better at that. You would think I would learn!

Well that’s just how it is, ain’t it. We do this all the time, we tell ourselves that starting now we will_____ (fill in the blank), but we never do. Why won’t I write down my blog ideas, what is it about that one little task I just can’t make myself do it?

Truly, I think I know, I think it has to do with me wanting the Spirit to guide me, to allow for the creative moment, and not to have “canned” blogs ready to use. But, if I truly looked at it, the Spirit did move me, just not when I wanted it to. How typical of humanity, expecting the Spirit to move me when I want it to, and not when it sees fit.

The Holy Spirit is not our personal toy, he does not follow are command. We must learn to open ourselves up to his lead. So maybe I just need to learn to let got and allow the Spirit room to work…

I will work on that


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