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altarboy2 Friday was a god day for me, I had time to catch up on some of my reading. I subscribe to 3 different Catholic newspapers and 3 different magazines, two Catholic and one political. The problem is time, when do I have time to read them all. Well Friday night I was able to slam through all the newspapers, than Saturday a new one arrived… UGH! But such is life.

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Take a moment and think about the last big decision you had to make, was it an on the spot decision, or did you take your time thinking about it? Most of the time if it is a big decision we want to take a little bit of time, to look at the positives and negatives of it. We want to discover the benefits or know the risks.

Well the same should be said for choosing who you are going to offer your gifts to. God gave each one of us gifts, gifts to use as we see fit. And like any gift we receive we don’t want to waste it, or give it to just anyone.

Discernment, a big word meaning to seek, to find. You will use the process to help you determine what your gifts from God are, and who should benefit from your gifts.

· Discernment is similar to thinking it over, but it goes much deeper than that, it involves not only facts, but also God. You must always place God in to the equation when you are discerning.

· Discernment is a process, and can take time to complete, it involves research, prayer and listening to yourself and to God. When you discern something, you will also seek advice and guidance from others that you trust, your parents or faith guide, your priest or a good friend.

· Discernment has to be done with an open heart, that is where prayer comes in, in prayer you will ask God to help guide you, allowing the Holy Spirit to whisper Gods voice in your heart.

· Discernment is an  on going process, one that is never truly complete. You may have decided what you want to do, but now you have to determine how or when or who. Discernment in not a one time process, but rather it is a life long and life changing process.

The saints learned the importance of discernment, the power it has to alter their lives, and to bring them closer to God.

Like any other new skill, it will take you time to learn how to discern, but with Gods help and the Holy Spirit whispering in your heart, you will.




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