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I am often reminded that I allow my mind to take off with ideas, I run with them, even if it is in my own mind and allow them to take over, for a little bit anyway. I will admit I do this, and I enjoy the process. It happens when something excites me, a new idea for a book or blog, an exciting idea for a new business venture or youth activity. In truth it really don’t matter the topic, if it excites me, that’s all it takes, my mind is off and running.

My sister will often times tell me it’s time to get back in to reality, time to start to see things as they really are. And to some degree I agree with her, but not 100%. I enjoy my time in my mind; I like to dream about what could be, or how I can make it so. It exercises my imagination, and that is never a bad thing.

When we had our Catholic book store, my mind was in high gear, I often found it hard to sleep, but I had more energy than I had had in some time, even without sleep, the same was true when I first started to create the youth program. The excitement and newness gives me energy, it flues my day and my mind races think about all the possibilities.

Now I will be the first to admit I often times take it too far, thinking about 20 catholic book stores worldwide, or the youth program in all the parishes in the United States. And once again my partners would have to bring me back to reality, mostly my sister because my other partner would get caught up in my dreams. I truly enjoy the trips I would take to the reality I want, it allows me to live in the perfect world I have created, the one I want to manifest here and now.

To me the dreams are often times more important that the current reality, I feel that we must have a plan, a road we must travel and a destination we must head towards. That’s what my dreams are, they are my plans, and they map out my roads and show me my destination. I visualize what I want, and strive to achieve it.

We must dream big, we must strive for the unachievable if we ever wish to achieve anything. Electricity was only an unachievable dream until Ben Franklin dreamed it true; the computer was the stuff of B rate movies until someone dared to dream it in to reality. We have the power to create our here and now, but only if we are willing to dream it, only if we are brave enough to dream it out load and make it a reality.

I, for one, will continue to dream large, to dream beyond my current capabilities, and one day I will dream it long enough and hard enough that it will become a reality. Until that day, I will continue to let my mind go where it chooses, and let the dreams flow…


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My mind is in a fog today, it seems to be wrapped up in a thick blanket of fog, and the more I struggle to get out of it, the thicker it gets. It was that way yesterday also, everyone keeps telling me it’s the weather, and it may be. But whatever it is, it needs to go away.  I hate this feeling, the feeling of being lost in your own home. It drives me crazy!

Being lost is one thing, but being lost in your own home that is a scary feeling. When I was younger, and I mean years ago when I was like 7 years old one of the scariest dreams I would have involved this feeling of lost in your own home. The dream was always the same, I would be away from home, where ever it didn’t matter but when I returned home, no one was there, they all moved out. Nothing was left, the house was empty. I was lost in my own home… I use to wake up with the shakes and a scream chocking in my throat.  I hated that feeling; it was a lonely scary feeling, one that left me with no control.

It’s a funny thing, how our childhood can still make an impact on us years later. And in the case of my dream, it had no footing in reality, it’s not like my parents ever did that to me, or even threatened it. The dream and feeling where just part of whom I am, I need a home, a place to call mine, something I can control, or at least feel like I can. As a young boy I must have had a great fear of losing control, of having nothing to call home. In some ways I think it speaks to my deep love and need for family, but it is also much deeper than that, it also speaks to my feeling of needing to belong. It is a fear that I think most, if not all, youth feel. And we take that feeling with us in to adult life.

It is in the adult life that we learn to hide or mask that feeling, to place a fog over it. And I hate fog; it is a dark and dank feeling. It is covered in mystery and the unknown. When we are living in the fog, we are living in a state of unknown, a state of un-control (I know it’s not a word, but I like it).

As adults, or even as youth, we learn to replace our fears with other, seemingly more pleasant activities. We learn to smoke to fit in, to have that feeling of home. We take drugs in an attempt to remove the fog or we drink and have sex with the hopes of finding a home.

Me, my replacement is smoking, and in my mind I know that it is nothing but bad, but somewhere inside of me is that little boy with no home, everyone moved out, leaving me to fight the world all alone. So I smoke, to fill in the void, to help lift the fog, to give me control over my life. It’s silly, and it’s bad for me, this I know, but I also know it’s something that I have control over, it’s all mine!

Funny how that works, from a fear I choose to harm myself. How much better it would be if we chose to eat healthy, in an attempt to gain control or attend Church more often or to pray more give more, do more and be more. But we don’t, we choose to harm ourselves to add a new layer of fog, to thicken it up by our own freewill.

It is in moments as this, which I truly believe that I can be new; I just need to work harder, believe in myself more and rely on Gods graces more.

It is in moments like this that I wish I could turn back the clock, return to that 7 year old me, not to stop the bad dream, but to be there to hold him, and protect him, to tell him all is ok, that you have a home. It is in moments like this that I feel small and so young. It is moments like this that I miss my mom, and her hugs. I miss the feeling of coming home, of being home and knowing I have a safe home.

It is a sad feeling, this fog is a fog of deception, one that creates a fails you, creates in you a feeling of hopelessness. But like all fogs it will burn off and the sun will shine thru once again.

I know this to be true, because I have faith in God, and I know his plan for me is not one of sorrow or fear but rather one of joy and security.


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Each day we live is a new chance to change our lives, to make a difference in the world and to create a better tomorrow.


All too often we look at life as one line string of events, never changing and for ever in despair, or greatness, depending on your view point.


But reality states differently. We have new life, more chances each and everyday. We wake up to billions of possibilities, and can seek out new horizons at the blink of an eye.


We are not limited in our possibilities, only limited in our own ability to imagine them. We have a mind that knows no limits, we can dream of any reality we want, and we have a will that can choose to interact with that dream, and create for ourselves a new reality.


But all too often we choose not to, we allow the human condition to take over, allow the doubt and distress to enter in to our dreams, and fall to the temptation if notness.


Notness is the ability to take a dream, a possibility and turn it in to a nothing. Notness works like this:


I can not do this

It is not possible

I do not have the time

I am not smart


That is notness, a overriding thought that removes from us our innate ability to dream, our courage to live out all possibilities. Notness drowns us in negitivness, and allows us to navigate away from the center core of ourselves, the core that belives in ourselves, that allows and promotes the possibilities and dreams that define us, and create us as different and unique creations.


But the good news is that each notness can be converted, changes and turned in to a positive statement, we can over come notness, and defeat it, banish it from ourselves, never allowing it to enter in to our conciseness again.


Possibilities is what created all that we see, and all that we are, notness is what is destroying it all, eating away at the fabric of life, one dream and possibility at a time.  


So start today, and remove one notness from your life, pick one dream, one possibility and run with it, start small or start large, and don’t give up!



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Create the world you dream of lining in… We hear this all to often as a quick fix selling point to numerous talks and workshops, along with things like change your life in 30 seconds, or a better you in 10 days.


They all sound good and most really sound to good to be true, and they most likely are. Nothing happens over night, you did not become who you are over night, it took years of growing, positive or negative growth, but either way it was growing in some fashion.


Most of us probably bit a little bit of both, we grew positive and negative at the same time, the question is, what did we do the most? If we where equal in the negative and positive, then we would have experienced no growth, and I really don’t think that happens, ever, I think there is always a dominate one, one value that will be a tad bit stronger then the other, one condition that overrides the other.


Now the true question is what one governs your life, the positive or the negative? Are you ½ full or ½ empty, do you see everything as bad or as a good?


This question truly can transform your life, how you respond to everyday events, large or small will determine how you see you’re over all life. Do you see everything as a negative, if so, your life will always be a step back, or do you se life as a positive, a step forward?


In truth both will always exist in your life, there always times of darkness, times of negitiveness, but what is the overall condition, what do you allow in to your world the most?


By changing your view of event and action in your life, you will change your life, by seeing the positiveness in life; you will create positive responses and actions.


It’s a slow process, like any change, it takes time, and hard work, but it is a response you can train in yourself, a reaction that you can practice. You need to feel the positiveness in your being; you need to feel the growth in your soul. You need to own the energy that flows from the action of postiveness.


Look at life from fresh prospective, see things in a new light, and know that your actions play a direct roll in the outcome of the overall event. The outcome may be the same, but the reaction and growth will be a step in the right direction.


Creating the world you dream of does not mean the world will all go your way, but rather it allows you to live in the world and be effected by and effect the world in a positive way that allows not only you the ability to grow, but also offers that same ability to others that where effected by your reaction to the action.


Change is hard, it is a slow process, one that takes a lot of work, but the process is invigorating and can lead to great strides in your personal growth, but only if you see it in that light, only if you allow the positivenss of it to shape you and consume you.


Start today, and watch yourself being transformed in to the person you dream of being, living in the world you have created.



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We all have dreams, some big and some small, but they are dreams just the same.  Sometimes our dreams are realistic and some are not, but they are still dreams.


Dreaming is a part of life; we need them to survive, to grow, and to prosper. If we had no dreams, we would have no electricity, or cars; or much of anything else. We need them to challenge us and to help us grow.


I have a dream, one of the best know speeches ever given, and it was a great and grand dream, one the helped a nation to grow, and is still feeding the nation, and challenging the nation in to greater things. But the dream had to be there first, the dream has to stir the nation’s conciseness and excite the minds of all, the dream had to add new colors to the nations fabric, adding vibrancy to cloth of America, but it had to be a dream first, a dream in one persons mind.


I to have dreams, ambitions and callings, some to greatness, others to mediocrity, but dreams all the same, some of them have taken root in my being, others have flown off on there own, and yet some never seem to start, they just float in the pool of the mind, waiting for what I do not know, but they are there.


It is the essence of dreaming that makes us who we are; it is the ability to create, in our minds, that allows us to create in the world. It is the dream that allows us to be all that we are created to be.


Dreams are important to who we are, they define us, and help to create us, and the world around us. They are the essence of who we are.


We need to keep dreaming, big and small, we need to keep reaching for that moon beam, we need to lift ourselves up high, and call others to us. We need to allow the dream to penetrate us, deep in our core, allow it to motivate and move us. Allow it to rework our hearts, minds and soul. We need to allow the dream to color our life with fantastic vibrant colors, to shine for all to see.


I have a dream is a powerful statement, one that has changed our world, and colored existence for the better, but the dream can not stop there, it must be carried on. We must add to this fabric of life our own thread, our own pattern and colors. We must create a patchwork of dreams that will dazzle and stun all who see it. We must live life full of colors full of dreams.


We are here on this earth to create a quilt, and each square, each thread and color must be defined by each and every one of us, and each square must be unique and personal, but shared by all.


So dream big or dream small, the size of the dream doesn’t matter, just dream; Add your pattern to the quilt of life, add your colors and stitch and help make this world a better place.


Start today, and create a reality we all can prosper and live in.



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Key #4. Big Dreamer

When have you ever heard someone say, I have small dreams for my child, I only want them to complete 6th grade and then just sit around all day for the rest of their life. Probably never, but I have learned in this world, that you never know, someone may have.

Well the same is true for us, we don’t want to have small dreams, or small plans for ourselves, we want BIG DREAMS… BIG PLANS… Well I sat the bigger the better! No go and make it happen.

As I have stated before, I am one of 3 others in a business venture, and I am the big dreamer, and I do mean BIG… As we stand at the moment, paying rent would be a big step for us, but that don’t stop me from dreaming BIG! I plan not for today for the tomorrows yet to come. I need to see the vision, and I need to feel the dream. It is all-to-often the dream that keeps me going.

So let you dreams come alive! Let them take over, if only for a few minutes each-day. It is very healthy, and very proactive, schedule it in to your day, take the five, ten or fifteen minutes to allow yourself to dream, and make it a big dream. You will find that you will come-out of it, refreshed and invigorated, with a new look on life. I do this everyday, I don’t schedule it, because it is part of my make up, but I do find that what ever is of concern, diminishes, and I see life in a new light.

My dreams keep me moving forward, because if I have no dreams, then what reason do I have to keep working.

It don’t matter if the dreams are achievable, the important thing is that it’s your dream, and your dreams become your realities. Like all dreams, only parts of it are based in reality, but the dream, often times allows you to see the reality it can become.

So starting today, allow yourself to dream, and make the dream a big one! Let yourself go, allow the moment to take you, who knows you just may dream the next big company in to existence, or better yet you may just dream the new and improved you in to existence.


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