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Frustration is a very powerful emotion and one that can wipe you out. I know, I have been dealing with a lot of it as of late. The frustration of trying to do what is right, the frustration of dealing with people who do not act or react they way you expect them too or the way you need them too. Frustration over just being frustrated.  It’s a never ending stream of energy that seems to just slap the living @#$%# out of me, and too tell you the truth, I am ready for it to just all end.

Last night I was exhausted, the night before the same thing, and the same with the night prior to that one. I can’t remember what day it was, but it was last week, on my way home from work, stopped at a red light, I dozed off, kinda scary stuff. Now understand I am in bed by 10pm most nights, never later that 11pm ad up at 6am, work until 3pm. So it’s not like I am burning the candle at both ends, it’s just he stress and frustration of my life at this very moment.

So what can I do, how can I cope… Easy, I just do, I allow myself time to vent, I allow my self time to just think. For example last night I need a gallon of milk so I walked to the local store, leaving the car in the drive way (by the way the car is one of my frustration points). The walk allowed me time to think, time to work out the hidden energy that is wiping me out day in and day out.

I find moments of peace moments of relaxation, not many, but I find them. In my small back yard I have a pond, often times I will sit out by the pond, listen to the water fall, and just let myself go. the pond gives me many hours of joy, just puttzing  around, cleaning it, feeding the fish and turtles, just allowing myself to be.

It is important that we find theses small moments in life, times were we allow the outside world to slip away, as long as we always come back to reality. Notice that I never stated I go to the bar to drink, or I sit by the pond with a case of beer or a bottle of bourbon. Yes I do like a cold beer every now and than, and a good glass of wine is always nice, but I do not use them as escapes from reality. I would rather use nature and or a good book.

My frustration levels will go down, I will start to feel a normality return to my life, once I figure out how I can once again control my life (yes I am a control freak). But until than I will use the little escapes I have discovered for myself, a good book, a nice walk, sitting by my pond or one of several others. Each allowing me just a moment of calm each taking my mind off the current situation, allowing my subconscious mind time to process all the @#@# going on in my life. And I know that one day soon (soon is a relative word) the world will be right once again.


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Key #6: A Daily Habit Starts Today

They say it takes 28 days to form a habit, make this day one… Pick one new healthy habit to start today.

Habits are a funny thing, we seem to pick them up with out even noticing them. Slang we hear everyday, songs we sing when we do certain things, almost anything can become a habit. But it seems that the things we want to become habits are “hard” to do.  We want to work-out, we want to walk everyday, eat good, stop smoking (yes stopping smoking is a habit)… And we let every thing stop us from forming the habit, but we still seem to pick up other habits with out even noticing… Why?

Because we make the new habit “TO BIG” “TO HARD” to do, we tell ourselves that we can’t before we even try.

Sure you may say, no I really want to work-out this time, and I am sure on the outside you really do, but on the inside your say, “It’s a lot of work, I have other things I could be doing…” and before you know it, your new habit is “NOT TO WORK-OUT” instead of “TO WORK-OUT”. They both are habits, it just one was easier to do then the other….

So how do we fix this problem, we don’t, you do! You have to get in to the habit of not allowing you to back out of a good habit! It’s all what we have learned to do over the years.

It all comes down to this:

Make today the first day of the new habit you want to achieve, if you fail today, then make the next day the first day of the new habit you want to achieve, and so on…. You can’t stop, because stopping will become the habit…

So start today, and everyday with one new habit, what ever it is, keep it simple and easy, then the hard and complex ones will follow…


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