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Forgiveness is a hard thing to do, but we are asked to forgive our enemy, in the name of helping ourselves.

How does that work, I am hurt by someone, they are now my enemy, but I am asked to forgive them, then I am told it is good for me.

Well that is true, forgiveness is more for the person offering it, then to the person receiving it. It removes negative feelings from out daily thought, opens our minds and clears our heart. All of this is not only good for the soul, but its all healthy for the body.

Negative feeling, resentment and such all weigh down on us, it’s a heavy burden to carry. Forgiveness is a blessing to the forgiver, its a gift of love to self, along with a gift of love to the person you are forgiving.

So give yourself a gift, forgive your Enemy…

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The folloing was sent to me in an email, I am not sure who the original auther is, but I found it very profound and wanted to share it with you. I will list them here, and over the next few blogs I will break each one down (The break downs will be my own personal interpitation of the meaning).




The Best things to give:

  1. You’re Enemy: Forgiveness
  2. You’re Opponent: Tolerance
  3. You’re Friend: Your Heart
  4. You’re Child: A Good Exalmple
  5. You’re Father: Deference
  6. You’re Mother: Conduct to make her proud of you
  7. Yourself: Respect
  8. To all Men: Charity

I have this list in my Daily Planner, and see it everyday, hoping to have it inspier me, and help me to grow in to a person worth of God’s love, now I want to share it with you!


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