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With the crisp air of fall here, it’s time to start thinking about our gardens and cutting them back for the winter. The new blossoms of spring turned in to the summer canvas that God created his glory on, summer turns in to fall, and now it’s time once again for God to paint the colors of fall.

This is also the time, like spring, when we must tend to our gardens, preparing for the next session. We must cut back the flowers that no longer bloom, pull out the weeds and plant any new bulbs to bring new life in the spring.

We should also use this time to do the same with our lives, cut back and dead growth, pull all the weeds out of our life and plant new seeds to take root in our souls.

God has a way of reminding us, of using nature to teach us important life lessons. God uses each new season to recreate the beauty of the earth, each is different than the last, and each has a purpose. Spring and fall both are seasons of change and growth. Spring ushers in summer and all its glory, and fall ushers in winter and all her splendor.  Each season offers us the opportunity to work with God’s creation, but spring and fall seem to represent a time of preparation. A time to make ready the gardens for the next season, a time to clean out the clutter, and make ready for the new growth, We too need to define times in our lives to do this.

Spring and Fall seems to be the natural timing of God, so let’s run with it, and use this season of change as a time to de-clutter our lives, and to plant new seeds of Hope, Joy and Love in our garden of humanity. Let’s create a weed free garden, one without the weeds of Hate, despair and hopelessness.

Let prepare for the season of splendor, one of great awe and wonder. One covered in a blanket of pure love.  Use the change of the seasons as a time of change for you; allow the grace of God to create in you the garden of life.


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