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Last night I went to a concert, I saw Colin Hay, the lead singer from Men at Work, an 80’s mega group. One of my favorites from the 80’s. I have followed his career from the band to his current solo work. Great stuff, but that not the point, the point is what he had to say, with his songs and with out.

Mr. Hay uses words and music to relay his message, his dreams and nightmares are played out for us in songs we tap our feet to and sing along with. But what really impressed me was what was not sung, what Mr. Hay did not say with words or music.

For all who don’t know, Men at work shot in to stardom with there big début album “Cargo” with the smash hits “Land Down Under” “Who can it be now” and “Over Kill” the follow up album did ok and there last did nothing.  they went from the top to the bottom in a matter of 3 years.

Mr. Hay, a talented singer and song writer went on to  record 2 solo albums than was dropped from the major labels leaving him to ask himself “what now”. As he tells the story, we decided he needed something to do after he drank his morning coffee, so he decided to play in small clubs and record his own music. The result was a man willing to accept what he was compared to what he use to be.

Over the years I have worked with ex-rock stars, and the reason they remain part of the past is because they remain in the past, they refuse to let it go and to embrace the present. My. Hay decided differently, he understood that men at work was a part of his life, but now it’s Colin Hay with out the band. He let go the part to embrace the now.

Mr. Hay may have let go of the past, but he has not forgotten it, his songs often times are reminders of what use to be, looking at the past with new eyes. Sure there is regret and sadness in some of the past, but there is also joy and happiness. But the same is true for the now, we experience sadness and joy all in a matter of a few moments.

Now I do not know Mr. Hay beyond his music and from what I saw last night on stage, but from what I can tell, Mr. Hay has not only accepted his life, he has embraced it. Sure he wish for the success that once was, he is looking for the fame that use to be, but he is also enjoying the moment that is.

We all can learn a lot from this ex-rock star, and enjoy the music that the lesson is at the same time. As Mr. Hay himself states, “My My My what a beautiful world”. I would have to agree!


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We all talk about others, be it good or bad, we all do it. We say simple things like “He is such a….” or “They are so….” Fill in the blanks with what ever comment you like, but we all do it.


It’s not a good thing for us to do, it can hurt others, even when you do not mean it to, and it’s a hard habit to break, but it’s one we can break if we wish.


Gossip and idol talk are part of our daily conversations, so much so, that I would venture to guess that most of us are not aware we are doing it, it’s always something that others do, not us. But I am sure if we stop and examine ourselves we will see that we to add to the world of gossip.


If gossip was not so much a part of our lives, all the rag magazines would not sell millions of copies weekly. All the celebrity watching TV shows would fail and we would really look down upon people who do gossip. But as it is, we celebrate it, and feed in to it.


How can we change the culture of gossip, one person at a time, starting with ourselves! We need to check our words prior to speaking. We need to concern ourselves with how others will be affected. We need to stop and thing about what we are doing and saying, but all too often we are caught in the moment, with the running of the conversation or our emotions get in the way.


But if you make an effort you can achieve the goal, you just have to try and keep trying. The next time someone starts to talk about others, stop them and ask them not to, the next time you start, stop yourself and apologize for speaking badly of others.


Always remember that the word can kill more then the sword, our words have the ability to leave life long scares or they have the power to lift someone up, how we use them can make all the difference in the world, it can make or break someone’s will.


Words are powerful and gossip is nothing but a weapon we use to bring others down and ourselves up.


The golden rule applies here, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” always remember words can take life or they can give life, the choice is yours.




p.s. This is a rule that I also must work on, and always remember also, so together we can start to change the world, starting with ourselves.

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