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Life comes at you sometimes a little fast, that’s is how I have been feeling as of late. Like life is on the fast track, and well as for me, I am sort of just sitting on the sidelines.

I use to have a sires of dreams about being chased, but the problem was I forgot how to run, no matter how hard I tried or what I did, I could not run. I completely forgot how to run.

The feeling I had, in this dream, was a feeling of total loss of control and deep despair. I would wake from this dream feeling lost and confused. Life was coming at me to fast and I could do nothing about it.

Well that’s the feeling I have at the moment, life is coming and I am unable to run after it, to keep up with it or do anything about it. It’s a hard feeling to truly put in to words. I’m not depressed, nor am I over worked, sure I have a few things going on in my life, but nothing more than what I have a year ago. It’s just like I have forgotten how to live this life, like I have lost my way and I am having a hard time finding my way back.

It’s a strange feeling, it’s in the pit of my stomach and in the center of my mind, i cope and deal with the daily life issues that come up, I am at work everyday, and for the most part and happy with all that I have and with who I am. Sure I have issues, money concerns, job concerns family issues, but really no more that anyone else, and in some ways less than others.

Forgetting how to run is truly what this is all about. I have forgotten what is important, I have forgotten how to run…

Anyone who is a runner will know that you must run properly or you will injure yourself, that is true for any activity such as running, swimming or playing baseball. The proper stance or stroke is needed for you may throw out your arm, or rotate you cup the wrong way, wearing it out. Well the same is true for living your life. You have to know the proper stance in life, you have to understand when you are wearing out your life from to much wrong usage. I feel that is were I am at, that my excess weight is starting to wear on me, that my mind is drifting away from the truth of life and that I need to relearn how to live this life, to save myself from injury. Plane and simple, I need to learn how to run…

In my dream I never seemed to get away from what ever was chasing me, it never got closer, but it never faded away. The harder I tried the more I failed. I would wake in soaked and out of breath with the dreaded feeling that if I turned around I would see my advisory directly behind me. This dream would last for weeks sometimes, leaving me mentally drained and emotionally on edge.

The good news of all this is sooner or later I would remember how to run, and I would out run my pursuer, and life would return to a more normal ebb and flow. Currently I am waiting for that feeling, the feeling of running once again, it will return of this I have no doubt. There is a life lesson in all this, I am sure, there always is. And if I allow it, that life lesson could change my life for ever… But first I must learn to run… again…


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Today I thought we would have a little fun and take a poll, see what everyone thinks about change and is it really possible. So take a moment and complete the poll, and who knows we all may learn something.

It’s an interesting question, one that I think we all can learn from, so next week we will look at the responses and see what is what.


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Sometimes the creative energy seems to be nowhere; no matter what I do I just can’t think of anything to write about. That’s the issue I am having at this moment. Over the weekend I read several things that I wanted to write about, or several ideas popped in to my head, now that it’s Monday morning, “poof” all gone! You would think I would learn to write them down, to email them to myself, to do something to remember the idea. But nope, I still don’t, and I always tell myself I will get better at that. You would think I would learn!

Well that’s just how it is, ain’t it. We do this all the time, we tell ourselves that starting now we will_____ (fill in the blank), but we never do. Why won’t I write down my blog ideas, what is it about that one little task I just can’t make myself do it?

Truly, I think I know, I think it has to do with me wanting the Spirit to guide me, to allow for the creative moment, and not to have “canned” blogs ready to use. But, if I truly looked at it, the Spirit did move me, just not when I wanted it to. How typical of humanity, expecting the Spirit to move me when I want it to, and not when it sees fit.

The Holy Spirit is not our personal toy, he does not follow are command. We must learn to open ourselves up to his lead. So maybe I just need to learn to let got and allow the Spirit room to work…

I will work on that


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Stay the course, do not sway of the course, keep on going and follow through. Good advice, most of the time, but we need to allow life to happen, and sometimes when life happens we need to be able to redirect ourselves, or to allow life to take us where we need to go.


Change happens daily, change is part of life, and we need to learn to allow it to happen, sometimes that means stepping out of the way and sometimes that means getting caught up in the flow. Change will happen either way; the only difference is how we choose to respond to it.


All too often we set our plans and stick to it, regardless of the world around us, and often that leads to disaster, and a total breakdown of the plan, and in the end the change we wanted is not the change we got.


Detours are part of life, they lead us down different paths, and sometimes we end up where we wanted to be, and more often then not we end up where we thought we would never go.


To survive the detours we need to learn that life is a fluid entity, it is constantly in flux, changing and redefining it self, and all too often we are not, we are running from the current.


The decision to run with the change does not guarantee a positive outcome, and the decision to run from the change can lead to a positive one. Each option is a risk, and you have to manage that risk, and learn to see the end, to your best ability, but mostly you need to allow the process to happen regardless of your decision.


Change happens, to us and to the world around us, we are in flux at all times, how do you want to handle it? How do you see yourself when the current of life shifts? Can you allow it to challenge you? Or do you have to control it? Will the change break you or make you stronger?


Some changes are a soft gentle wind others are hurricanes of anger and resentment. Change is a constant, change is a fact, and we need to deal with it, and grow with it, or be covered up in its wake by the debris of life.





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Key #2. Success is remembered

All to often we are quick to forget our success, and to fast to remember our failures. We tend to think only in what did not happen, and not what did happen.

You hear it all the time, people telling you about an event or function a job or anything else, and they will tell you where they failed. Failure is part of success, we need to fail to grow and to succeed, and any one who tells you they never fail, is a liar!

I have started many small companies, and non as-of-yet are what the world would call a “success”. But to me, they all where. Maybe not in the money side of things… but they toughed me more then any school ever could on how a company works (or in my case don’t work). To me they have made me a better person! To me they were SUCCESSFUL….

You need to look at everything you do as one way to make you a better person, to learn from it and move on, do not carry with you the “should haves” and “could haves” leave them behind, and only bring forward the “I learned” “I did” and other positives.

In your life their can be no room for failures, only success!

Yes, not every thing will turn out the way you want it to, but that don’t make it a failure unless you want it to be. Make it what it really is a SUCCESS!

Start today, look back on what potential success you have over looked, write them down and post them around you, to help you Remember Success!


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