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time travel by one sick boy.

Life can seem somewhat hectic at times. It seems that life can out run you, even when you think it’s all under control. I call that “Life Happening” not a new concept, I am sure most of you say that all the time “Life Happens”. It’s our way of saying that things come up, deal with it, move on and start another adventure.

Well life just happened again, I am off on a trip for two weeks for work, Koln Germany and Pone India. It should be an adventure, but truly the timing is bad. Seems to always work out that way, but as I say “Life Happens!”

It’s how we choose to deal with it all. Not only is the timing bad for this trip, the planning of it was a mess. I truly didn’t know when my flight was to leave until 11am New Years eve. Talk about waiting until the last minute! I had plans to make and people to inform and things to do. But “Life Happens” and I dealt with it the best I could.

“Life Happens” is a life lesson we keep learning over and over again. Once we think we have life where we want it, BAM “Life Happens” all over again. Now I could let this upset my life, I could turn it in to a major crisis, or I could just deal with it. I choose the latter of the two, I chose to just deal with it. I understand that really it’s no one’s fault that it took so long to get all the details worked out; I mean it was the Holiday season and all. People have time off, and things shut down. I understand the need for my company to look for the lowest fare possible, but man that can really make things difficult when dealing with another country. What they see as the lowest fair may not be what our travel agent sees. But such is life.

Today I leave for 2 weeks of “Life Happening”, in truth I am not sure what to expect when I arrive in Koln, I have a basic idea, but as always “Life Happens” and the best laid plans change. As for India, with all the news stories about violence, I am not too sure what to expect, but that’s life.  I will make the best of it all and do what I need to do to return home safe and sound. As long as “Life Don’t Happen” … But I know it will, it always does.


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Life is what we make of it…

That’s a good tag line, but is it true?  Can we decide our own life, can we create a life we dream of, and is life something that we can manipulate?

Well in a word Yes, and in another word No. As with everything in life, it’s not that simple. We have the ability to control our own life, but what we can’t do is control the lives of those around us. We can make changes in how we act, we can learn to control our emotions, and we can even change habits, but we cannot control the emotions, habits or actions of others.

And like it or not, the actions, habits and emotions of others affect us all. We do not and cannot live our lives in a protective bubble. Life happens, and when it does we have to choose our own reaction to it, and also deal with the reaction of others around us.

We may choose to confront it, and others around us may choose to walk away, the choice is ours and theirs to make. What we decide to do will define us, and help shape us. If we allow others to influence us to the point of abandoning our own convictions, then we have allowed them to define us. They now have to power to control us, to make us in to what they see us as, not how we define ourselves.

In either case, life is what we made it, we either made it our own, or we allowed someone to make it for us.

When defining your life, when choosing what will help define you, you need to heed the warning and lessons of the past, of family and friends and of faith. We cannot, and should not live in a protective bubble, I just said that but it deserves repeating, our lives are not to be lives in solitude, we are creatures that desire company of our own kind. So in order to live in harmony with our fellow creatures, we must learn to listen, and learn from others, to help us form our life to help us discern who we are, and what we want to be.

Life is what you make it, but everyone else has also made life what they want it to be. The trick is to make it all work together.


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