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I am sure as Catholics you have hear the phrase “Offer it up” as in offer up all your pain and suffering to Jesus. I know I have heard it and to me it often sounds like “Suck it up” a phrase we often times tell our kids when they get hut playing a sport or are unhappy about some work they have to do. It’s a phrase we use to tell them, some times life is hard, sometimes life ain’t fair, but get use to it.

Note: Cross posted from STATIC Youth’s Weblog.


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I have friends and family members that are of the belief that their actions affect no one that they live in a bubble; their actions are there’s alone. What a sad way to live life. If you ask me, that is not even living. Our lives are made to connect to others, to interact with humanity, and to live one’s life as if you are an island unto yourself is not living, but rather dieing unto yourself.

The Human condition is a complex condition, one with many levels and deep interlocking connections. Your ability to manage this complex force will also determine your ability to navigate through life. Some people seemed better prepared for this task as others seem to fail and falter at every one of life’s twist and turns. Their ability to bend and move seems to be limited to a very small box or space; some will argue that the box or space is based on their upbringing, or the current environment they find themselves in. Others will argue that it is out of their control, that outside forces are dictating their actions. And some will say it’s just plain old bad luck.

I know people that fit all three types, and I know some who just don’t care, no reason for their life, and really don’t care. To me all of them have chosen their path. And all of them have chosen the wrong one.

Life is what you make of it, regardless of your upbringing, your luck or any other outside influence. The only person from above who truly understands their life is the one who states “I just don’t care”. That is the only true and honest response to why their life is a mess.

Now I know some will be saying, now wait, what about all the people that where abused and children, or grew up poor or had a bad hair day… and so on. And I respond, that truly is sad, and my heart goes out to them, but that is life. As youth we have no to very little control over our lives, and yes, we do use our life experiences to help us shape our future. And that is the key; we use it to help us shape our lives, not the other way around. Our life experiences do not shape us; we use them to help us. How he chooses to process that information is still up to us. I have read many books of children who have suffered unthinkable abuses, and have chosen to use that life of living hell as a reason to better themselves, to make this world a little brighter, for themselves and others. I have also heard stories of the opposite, kids from happy and healthy families, which decided to process the information for the negative, to harm all they can include themselves.

I have experienced both reactions with my family and friends. I have seen the effects of taking responsibility and the effects of blame. I have witnessed the growth and distraction of the human spirit, and I have seen the spirit of life diminish and grow with in that person. The connections between the two are directly related. Ones level of spirit, ones level of life, is related to their outlook on life itself.

The path we choose to live is our own choice, it is our freewill that determines our life, it saddens me to see people who are not willing to accept the responsibility of life. It breaks my heart to see a life wasted on the “what could have been’s” and the “what is was”. We all make choices, we all have the ability to move forward, stand still or move backwards. No magical force will move us, no history determines our path and no future is determined. The game of life is not a toss of the dice, but rather a thought out process of growth.


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September 11 2001, a day that changed history, a day the America saw terror first hand. A day of great sorrow, not just for the American lives lost, but for all life lost.

Some of you may be saying that there is no sorrow for the terrorist lives lost, they got what they deserved. And to that I would argue that any loss of life is a sorrow.

God created only good, God created only beauty. It is the human factor, the human element that corrupted the perfection of God. So I will say it again, what a sad and sorrowful day, September 11 2001 was, and today September 11, 2008 we should take time to stop and reflect on our fallen nature, say a prayer for all the souls lost on that day and for all the loss of life since then.

If the purpose of this blog is to help us grow and become a better self, then part of that growth has to be forgiveness, of not only ourselves and friends, but that of our enemies also. Jesus tells us to love our enemies as well as our family and friends. He goes on to say that really what sacrifice is it to love the ones who are your friends and family; they love you in return, and make it easier to love them. But your enemies, the ones who want to do you harm, that is a true test of your ability to love.

Please do not confuse love with acceptance, I am commanded to love my enemies, but I do not and should not accept the evil they wish to do, or have done. And yes they should be punished, and sometimes that means killing them, as in war times, but I still should be sad and full of sorrow over the loss of life.

It is a complicated world, and faith adds to that complication, Jesus calls us to a level of compassion that most of us are not able to achieve, yet He keeps calling us to it, no matter how many times we fail.

So on this sad day, one filled with sorrow and memories of innocent lives lost, take a moment and say a prayer that our enemies will see the error of their ways, and that we may open our hearts to them, and offer our forgiveness and love.

Today, fly your flag high, and wear your patriotism proudly, let your heart sing songs of joy and your actions show the world that America, with all of her problems, is still the shining city on the hill, whose light shines for the entire world to see.

May God continue to bless America, and may God bless you


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This is not my home, but I like it!


I’m home! Yes I love vacations, I love spending time with family and friends. And I did just that, but as much as I love to travel, I love coming home even more.

Maybe that’s why I love to travel; maybe I love it so much because I love coming home even more. Home is where comfort is, home is where I can relax, and just be, home just is. We all know when we enter home, we walk in and we feel it. We just know that we are home.




Well that’s how I feel, that’s how I know I am home, I can just feel it, my body relaxes my mind rest and my heart is happy.


Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy vacations, because I do, I love to travel and to be on vacation. Yes my mind relaxes, my heart is happy and I can just be. But its different, it’s not bad, just different.


 When my mom was still alive, and I need to feel safe I would go to her house, where ever it was, and I was home, I was safe. It didn’t matter where she lived the location was not home, but rather the feeling was.


It’s the same now, yes I love the house I have, I have decorated the way I like, and all my “stuff” is in it, but that’s not home, home is a feeling I get when I enter through the door. It’s the sigh my body gives; it’s the sights and smells, the memories and the flow. Home is more then brick and wood with windows and doors; home is a state of being.


My vacation was fun; I spent time with family and friends and was at home in Michigan. As I stated in previous blog, Michigan is my home, and yes I feel safe and secure here, and yes I love her, but Michigan is also home to many others, but my house, my home is just mine, its safe for me, and its mine.



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Vacations are a wonderful thing, they allow you to see and experience new things, and they allow you to create new memories and to share them with others. They allow you express yourself in new ways, and to spread your wings over new lands. Vacations are a wonderful thing!


This will be my last blog until the 8th of July, because I am going to spread my wings over Mackinaw City in Michigan, I am headed off on vacation! And I am excited!!!


Each year I, along with my family venture off to Mackinaw, we return to one of our favorite spots in the world, Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island.


In truth, Michigan is one of my favorite places to be. Yes I live here, but I have traveled the world and seen many places, some offer images and sounds that Michigan could never have, others offer beauty that is out of the world, but still to me, Michigan has it all.


I find peace in this state, I find the hand of God in the Great lakes and pine forest, and I see his playful side in the Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan. God created Michigan as a play ground, one filled with lakes and streams, forest and dunes. To me the sights, sounds and smells of Michigan are magical, they calm me, sooth my soul and make me at peace. I know it sounds funny, as if Michigan has a magical power of sorts, that it’s a mystical place, filled with wizards and dragons. In a way it is, it is a magical place, it’s a place the sooths my soul, invigorates my being, makes me whole.


I was born and raised in Lower Michigan, near Detroit, so Michigan is in my blood, it is part of my DNA, and it is who I am. I have a deep love for Michigan, and all of her beauties, I feel a connection to the state, a oneness with her. She offers me comfort and security.


When I travel the world, I always love to see and experience new places and things. To see cultures and new lands is an adventure I am always willing to go on. I have been gone for up to 2 months at a time, and always enjoy the experience, but I always miss Michigan, her sight and sounds are like a deep hug to me, she holds me tight, and brings me security and warmth like no other place hear on earth. Michigan is the womb that I return to after a long and weary trip; she is the mother land, offering her love freely.


So, ya, this vacation is one of comfort and security, one of deep hugs and motherly love. I am returning to womb to receive the nutrients of life, re-energizing my soul and taking in the sights and sounds of the land I love, allowing her to penetrate my being, to its deepest core, to infuse me with her lifeline.


I hold Michigan in high regard, because this is the home of my loved ones, the ground that holds my parents, comforts then and surround then, it is the land that I have experienced life, grew up in and has helped me define myself. It is here that I have experienced great love and profound hatred. It is here that I become who I am, and it is here that I feel the most conferrable and secure. Yes, Michigan is just a land mass who’s borders where defined my man, but to me she is mine, and I am hers.




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Life is a complex thing, and we all see it in our way… Oftentimes we see things differently then others around us below are four questions we should all take the time to ask ourselves, and respond to with honesty. At certain times in our life we need to take inventory, see how we stack up, where we stand with ourselves and with others around us. The four questions are wide open, and allows for very short responses or extremely long ones. It is something you can do in a few minutes over a few days. But in the end, if you are honest with yourself, you should get a good look at who you are and how others see you.


In the end, it is still up to you to decide how to use the info, you may decide to leave things as they are, or you may decide that you need to change and grow, but always keep in mind that there is only one good reason to change, and that is because you want to, never change because others wish it or demand it, true change can only take place when it comes from you.




Who am I?


We define ourselves as we live our life, each event in life helps to define us. I would define myself as an overly optimistic person, one who tries to see the good in all, much to the pain of others. I see myself as a loving person, who would give his life for other, with expecting anything in return. I open my heart to others, allowing then, all too often, to take what they want or need, expecting noting in return. I have a sharp and often times bitter humor. A humor I use to get myself through difficult times, I see the funny side of all things, from the deepest tragedy to the down right mundane. I keep my deepest thoughts to myself, but I always show them in hidden ways (such as my Blogs). I am a very emotional person, and wear my heart on my sleeve, but use my humor to mask much of the pain. I avoid confutation (real confutations) unless they are deeply rooted issues (and I have many). I am conservative and very much rooted in that, and often have a difficult time dealing with people who are not. I am constantly trying to grow myself, so change for the better and to open my mind to new thoughts and experiences, not always with success.



Who do I want to be?


I want to be a person of compassion, a person with deep feelings and a person of God. I want to be a Son, Brother and Uncle that will make my family proud and a friend worthy of friendship in return. I want to be a person of morality, a person who walks the walk and talks the talk. I want to be a servant of God’s, and a true follower of Jesus. I want to be someone who will leave his footprint on this earth, but know one will know whose footprint it is. I want to be who God created me to be.




Who do others thing I am?


Others see me as conceded, funny and often times harsh. They see me as a person with a closed mind, self absorbed and one who is only concerned with my own opinion. Others see me as one who is often times closed to them, or as trying to change them, others see me as a person of deep faith, but also deep contradiction. Others see me as one who is giving, but only for my own personal reasons.



Who do others want me to be?


Others want me to be who they need at all times, they want me to be flexible to there need and not mine. They want me to only hold strong to convictions that they hold strong to, not to mine. Others want me to be faithful to my faith, only when it fits there opinion of faith. Others want me to be what they want, when they want and how they want, and they want to me know when who and how without telling me.




I hope this helps you, above are my own personal thoughts on these 4 questions. I may be way off base, or I may be dead on, it all depends on how honest I was and what my state of mind was at the time of the evaluation.


But all in all, it really don’t matter, because I am happy with how I am, I am content that I am on the right path to the me God wants me to be. I have tons of hard work ahead of me, and lots of ups and downs yet to come, but with the grace of God, and my own confidence in myself, I know I can achieve all I have set out to achieve.





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The words above are all related, they all call us to something more, that all call us to a boldness that defines us; A boldness that we co-create with the world around us and with God, a boldness that we can not deny.





Life calls us to a boldness of living. We must live life with newness each day; we must live life with boldness that creates an excitement for life. Life is a gift, a gift that was give to us freely, but the gift was given with the expectation that we live it fully.




Love calls us to new levels of boldness; it calls us to a boldness of giving, giving of self to others. Love is boldness in of it self, love takes us out of our zone, leads us in to love of others.  Loves calls us to a lift ourselves up and offer ourselves as a form of sacrifice.




Liberty is a boldness of our will. We are called to exercise our will with a boldness of understanding that our will is given to us, for the benefit of others. We are to exercise our will not for self, but for all.




Freedom calls us to a boldness of responsibility. With freedom comes great responsibility of not only self, but of all, we are to be bold in our actions, always keeping in mind how it will effect others. Our freedom is not ours along, but rather our freedom is a gift given to us, that we are to give to others.


Boldness is all our calling, how we choose to live out that boldness is unique, but the call is the same. Some may choose to live it out as a political activist, others as public servants and yet others as parents or just every day people.


Choose to live bold in all you do in all you do.



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To all Men: Charity


Really before I even get started, all men includes all woman all children all every person….


Charity…  Here are a few definitions for the word…



generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless: to devote one’s life to charity.



something given to a person or persons in need; alms: She asked for work, not charity.



a charitable act or work.



a charitable fund, foundation, or institution: He left his estate to a charity.



benevolent feeling, esp. toward those in need or in disfavor: She looked so poor that we fed her out of charity.



leniency in judging others; forbearance: She was inclined to view our selfish behavior with charity.



Christian love; agape.


It is number 7 that we really need to look at, to treat all with Love… Charity…


We are called to treat each other with respect, and above all Charity… AGAPE… Love…


The other forms of the word charity are all part of it, but with out the last one, it is not charity any longer, but rather it turns in to an act of pity, an act of unjust kindness, we need to love all and in that love we will act justly and with true charity.


So start today, and show charity to all you meet, show then love and concern, kindness and respect, in doing so you will have shown them charity.




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Respect and esteem due a superior or an elder that is how Websters defines the word, deference. Basically it mean Honor…

We should honor our father, give him the respect due to him. That’s good solid advice, but not always easy to do.

Respect in today era is something earned, no one is deserving of it, just because, they must respect me first… and so on.

Well, sort of. Consider this, if they must respect you first, and they feel the same way, that you must respect them first, in the end no one gets any respect.

Respecting your father (please note, that any male father figure will do here) is a sign of love, it does not mean you agree with everything they say or do, but rather that you will honer them in their wishes as long as it is not harmful to you. Respect is due to the “office” that he holds as father, but the respect must be a two way street. But we all must respect the office of father, if we are ever to gain the respect from the person, and in return we will learn to respect the person of Father also.


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Monkey see, Monkey do…. The same goes for a child, they learn to live and how to interact from the example we show.

We are intolerant, so are they

We lie, they return it with a lie

We hate, they hate with greater force

The child is a gift that we must protect and teach to live well in this world. We are obligated to take care of them, to provide for them, not only a home, food and other such things, but we are obligated to teach them how to be in this world.

We do our teaching with words and actions. We set examples, and we live out the truth we are setting forth.  To the best of our ability.

The child is the world of today, and of tomorrow, how we treat them and what we teach them will become ours. The Child of today, that we care for, will be the adult that cares for us.

The golden rule applies here, due unto others, as you want done unto you…

So teach your child to use others, they will use you…

Teach them the respect all things, and they will respect you…

The gift of a good example will repay you many times over, the child today who learns to love, is the adult of tomorrow who save the world.

A child, yours or someone else, it matters not, is ours to teach, to nurture and love. One child sees hatred, and they become, one child sees love and they become.

It is the example that we all set, not just the parents, a child could grow-up in a home of hate, but because of the community around him/her they learn love. A recent report stated that the peers and outside community of a child may have more to do with the child and how they grow up then the parents. The example they used was a child who’s parents where from a foreign country, the child will pick up the accent of his/her peers, and not that of the parents.

We, as community, have the same obligation to raise that child in a healthy, happy and safe environment, it truly takes a community to set the example for the child.

When we vote this November, we need to remember we are also voting for the example we wish to send to the children of our community, when we watch TV, we are setting an example, how we talk, eat and all other daily activities set examples.

It is our obligation, and privlage to raise them, to love them and respect them. Show your love for them by setting a good example in all you do!


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