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I am often reminded that I allow my mind to take off with ideas, I run with them, even if it is in my own mind and allow them to take over, for a little bit anyway. I will admit I do this, and I enjoy the process. It happens when something excites me, a new idea for a book or blog, an exciting idea for a new business venture or youth activity. In truth it really don’t matter the topic, if it excites me, that’s all it takes, my mind is off and running.

My sister will often times tell me it’s time to get back in to reality, time to start to see things as they really are. And to some degree I agree with her, but not 100%. I enjoy my time in my mind; I like to dream about what could be, or how I can make it so. It exercises my imagination, and that is never a bad thing.

When we had our Catholic book store, my mind was in high gear, I often found it hard to sleep, but I had more energy than I had had in some time, even without sleep, the same was true when I first started to create the youth program. The excitement and newness gives me energy, it flues my day and my mind races think about all the possibilities.

Now I will be the first to admit I often times take it too far, thinking about 20 catholic book stores worldwide, or the youth program in all the parishes in the United States. And once again my partners would have to bring me back to reality, mostly my sister because my other partner would get caught up in my dreams. I truly enjoy the trips I would take to the reality I want, it allows me to live in the perfect world I have created, the one I want to manifest here and now.

To me the dreams are often times more important that the current reality, I feel that we must have a plan, a road we must travel and a destination we must head towards. That’s what my dreams are, they are my plans, and they map out my roads and show me my destination. I visualize what I want, and strive to achieve it.

We must dream big, we must strive for the unachievable if we ever wish to achieve anything. Electricity was only an unachievable dream until Ben Franklin dreamed it true; the computer was the stuff of B rate movies until someone dared to dream it in to reality. We have the power to create our here and now, but only if we are willing to dream it, only if we are brave enough to dream it out load and make it a reality.

I, for one, will continue to dream large, to dream beyond my current capabilities, and one day I will dream it long enough and hard enough that it will become a reality. Until that day, I will continue to let my mind go where it chooses, and let the dreams flow…


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Today I am finding it hard to stimulate my mine and find something I want to write about. I have read a few online articles, and nothing, I have looked at my save ideas to write about list, and I have used them all already and now I am just at a loss, even the inspirational e-newsletters I get gave me no great ideas. What am I to do?

Sometimes it’s just that way, it seems like nothing will come to you. You’re talking to your child about sex or drug use, and the words seem to fail you, you’re talking to your friend about your faith life and you sound like an idiot. It happens to all of us, and today is one of those days for me, nothing has inspired me, as of yet. Who knows, maybe by the end of the day I will have my great thought of the day, but as of now, nothing.

I heard some great lines on my way in to work this morning, but I can’t remember them, so they are of no help, and yes I did see some interesting articles online, but really they would be better used for my other blog, www.staticyouth.wordpress.com, so I filed them away for latter.

So what is one to do? I have this blog just sitting here, I fell I must say something, not because I thing you all are just waiting for my words of wisdom, or your life will just end, no, I know that’s not true. I only get about 130 or so visitors a day on this blog, so I know that I am not writing the nest great blog. So why is it I feel a need to write something, why is it I feel that this blog is important?

Interesting questions and who knows I may even spend some time thinking about them, but most likely I won’t. In truth the answers are not important to me; I think I would write this blog if only one person read it. I don’t write it for others, I write it for me. In some way it is easier to write to someone else all the things I need to do to fix my life. All the advice I state here in this blog is really for me, to help me become a new and better part of the human race.

Yes I am glad and even humbled that others find use in what I have to say, but that is not my driving force. Yes I love to help others, it’s what I do best, but in the end, it is I who is helped the most. So maybe that is the driving force, the reason I feel a need to write and a need not to write, for any regular reader of this blog knows that I sometimes go a week without a post, or longer depending on my travels.  But is it really because I am out of the country, or is it because I have no real need to write? I think it’s a little bit of both.

Well here is to hoping I have something to say tomorrow, maybe I will be inspired (In Spirit) and I will write some life changing blog for all the world to read.


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Well, today is the first day if feel ok in a few days. I have been suffering with a sinus cold and it has been kicking my butt. Monday was spent at home sleeping the day away and trying to breath, not a fun day, but such is life. Tuesday was a little better, but still much of the same, just less sleep. And today, well I can breathe a bit better, but not 100% yet.

I hate being sick, it’s such a waste of time!

I know people who love to be sick, they love the attention they receive, they crave it and I believe they make themselves sick to achieve that end. I find it kind of sad that someone would make themselves sick, either mentally or physically, what a sad commentary on their life. Now I know some people are already shaking their heads saying that the poop person is not mentally or emotionally stable, and that is why. I was that for a small percentage I would agree, and I mean a small percentage, no more than 1%. No I do not have data to back this up, but what I do have is my personal sampling of family and friends.

The ability for the human mind to control the body is unlimited, we as humans use only 10% of our mind powers, only 10%, a small fraction if the ability of our human mind. So don’t tell me that that the mind cannot control our physical well being. It can and it does!

We have seen this countless times, a mother lifts a car off her child, a child survives in the cold for days without food or water, a father walks hundreds of miles in the wilderness to find help for his family. All acts of the human mind controlling the physical body, allowing it to perform above and beyond its normal abilities. If it can do that, it can also bring on physical discomforts and ailments. The mind is a great mystery and creation of God, who are we to limit its power.

What I find amazing is the ability for the mind to phantom such deception. The ability to control the human and not the other way around, they allow their minds to make them sick, to give them an ailment that will cause the reaction they desire. It truly is a sad condition; one that leaves the human body is shambles. The upside to all this is, if we have the ability to make ourselves sick, we than have the same ability to make ourselves well again. And we have seen this happen as well. People who have made themselves sick to achieve a certain reaction often times will “heal” themselves if the reaction is not achieved, and then move on to a new ailment in hopes of achieving the desired reaction.

The power of the mind is awesome, but can be misused at times. We have a responsibility to care for our mind, and in return it will care for us.


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My mind is in a fog today, it seems to be wrapped up in a thick blanket of fog, and the more I struggle to get out of it, the thicker it gets. It was that way yesterday also, everyone keeps telling me it’s the weather, and it may be. But whatever it is, it needs to go away.  I hate this feeling, the feeling of being lost in your own home. It drives me crazy!

Being lost is one thing, but being lost in your own home that is a scary feeling. When I was younger, and I mean years ago when I was like 7 years old one of the scariest dreams I would have involved this feeling of lost in your own home. The dream was always the same, I would be away from home, where ever it didn’t matter but when I returned home, no one was there, they all moved out. Nothing was left, the house was empty. I was lost in my own home… I use to wake up with the shakes and a scream chocking in my throat.  I hated that feeling; it was a lonely scary feeling, one that left me with no control.

It’s a funny thing, how our childhood can still make an impact on us years later. And in the case of my dream, it had no footing in reality, it’s not like my parents ever did that to me, or even threatened it. The dream and feeling where just part of whom I am, I need a home, a place to call mine, something I can control, or at least feel like I can. As a young boy I must have had a great fear of losing control, of having nothing to call home. In some ways I think it speaks to my deep love and need for family, but it is also much deeper than that, it also speaks to my feeling of needing to belong. It is a fear that I think most, if not all, youth feel. And we take that feeling with us in to adult life.

It is in the adult life that we learn to hide or mask that feeling, to place a fog over it. And I hate fog; it is a dark and dank feeling. It is covered in mystery and the unknown. When we are living in the fog, we are living in a state of unknown, a state of un-control (I know it’s not a word, but I like it).

As adults, or even as youth, we learn to replace our fears with other, seemingly more pleasant activities. We learn to smoke to fit in, to have that feeling of home. We take drugs in an attempt to remove the fog or we drink and have sex with the hopes of finding a home.

Me, my replacement is smoking, and in my mind I know that it is nothing but bad, but somewhere inside of me is that little boy with no home, everyone moved out, leaving me to fight the world all alone. So I smoke, to fill in the void, to help lift the fog, to give me control over my life. It’s silly, and it’s bad for me, this I know, but I also know it’s something that I have control over, it’s all mine!

Funny how that works, from a fear I choose to harm myself. How much better it would be if we chose to eat healthy, in an attempt to gain control or attend Church more often or to pray more give more, do more and be more. But we don’t, we choose to harm ourselves to add a new layer of fog, to thicken it up by our own freewill.

It is in moments as this, which I truly believe that I can be new; I just need to work harder, believe in myself more and rely on Gods graces more.

It is in moments like this that I wish I could turn back the clock, return to that 7 year old me, not to stop the bad dream, but to be there to hold him, and protect him, to tell him all is ok, that you have a home. It is in moments like this that I feel small and so young. It is moments like this that I miss my mom, and her hugs. I miss the feeling of coming home, of being home and knowing I have a safe home.

It is a sad feeling, this fog is a fog of deception, one that creates a fails you, creates in you a feeling of hopelessness. But like all fogs it will burn off and the sun will shine thru once again.

I know this to be true, because I have faith in God, and I know his plan for me is not one of sorrow or fear but rather one of joy and security.


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Remember to take time for you. In this crazy world we often forget to take time for ourselves. With all the running around we do, taking the kids here, picking this up and dropping that off, we somehow forget that we too need time to relax and refuel.

I don’t mean just food for refueling, but also our minds and souls. We need to stop and take a little “Me Time”.

Me Time, a time to spend with self, a time to talk to self and refuel self, Read a book, drink a glass of wine, drink a cup of tea do something that allows you to spend time with you. Now I can hear everyone already, I don’t have the time to spend with myself, I a mother on the run, or a father on the run, when do I have time for me?

Well hear me now, listen up…. If you don’t find the time for self, you will run out of time. It is a proven fact, that each and every one of us need time for self, we need that quiet prayer time, to meditation time, to calm our minds and souls, 5, 20 or 15 minutes a day, every day. And if you’re telling me that you cannot find that little bit of time in your day, then you truly need professional help, because in a few short years you will be dead. Make the time, find the time and use the time.

Do some research, look it up on the web, ask your doctor, don’t take my word for it… You need to find the time for self. You need to find time to let your mind go, time to fill your soul with peace. Five minutes every day, once a day or many times throughout the day, your body knows what it needs, listen to it!

On that note, I think I will take my time now… I truth writing this blog and my other blog is all part of my time. It allows me to mind dump all the ideas in my head, allows me to meditate on them and flush them out. This is not work, this is self time.


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You ever feel like you just need to empty everything out of your mind or even your life? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a trash can like our computers do, just select elements to send to the trash, and then with a click of a mouse, it’s gone!


That seems like a great idea, bad day at work, no problem, select à send to trash and its gone, like it was never there. Don’t like what your kids just did, select à send to trash, your spouse get you mad, select à send to trash…


Life would be great… Or would it?


What a lot of people don’t know is that when you delete that document, photo or other file off your computers hard drive, its not truly gone, it’s still there as a phantom, a ghost of it self.  And id the file was corrupt or bad, it still can bring havoc down the road.


Much like life, that bad day at work, you sent it to the trash, but no one else did, and yep, it’s still in your hard drive, in the corners of your mind. It sits there, waiting to bring havoc, waiting to come out of the corner and show it self once again.


So may be a select à send to trash option is not such a good thing, maybe it would be better to deal with the issue, maybe it would better to confront the problem then to delete it.


I too thought it would be a nice idea to have a select à send to trash option, in-fact when I first started this blog that was the direction I was going to go, but conventional wisdom kicked in, and the realization that we can not truly delete anything from our minds, and like the hard drive, it will kick me in the butt someday, so we are better off to just deal with it, and allow it to teach us and help us grow.



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Old movies are one of my favorites to watch on cold or rainy days, sick or just plan worn out. They are nice, and usually funny and always just mindless good entertainment. I love them, Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, a simple comedy that just has lots of one-liners and great dialog.


One thing about old movies is, what ever the problem, the ending is always good, the issue is fixed and everyone is happy. We need more of that in life, we need more reminders that the good will come, the happy ending is near. Maybe that’s why I love old movies; they are upbeat and always end on an up note.


There is something that is very comforting about sitting on a couch and watching an old movie, it calms me, and resets my thoughts. They always help me to feel better; they are like an anti-depressant for me.


Old movies and rainy days go together like peanut butter and jelly, rainy days are perfect days to reset your thoughts and watch an old movie. Some days I wish for a rainy day or as I like to call them, “Cat in the Hat” days. Days filled with rain and old movies, sitting on the couch, with nothing really going on.


I need an old movie day, a day to reset my thoughts, a day just to veg-out to mindless entertainment that will leave me feeling up-beat and content.


I have blogged before about how Christmas Music is one of my favorite things to listen to when I need to be up-lifted, I would have to say Old movies are a very close second to that, they both have the same effect on me, they both make me feel safe and secure, the both help me to feel better, more positive, and they both relax me. There is just something about Old Movies that resonates with me, any political or sexual agenda is always low-key, and overt, the story lines are always simple and mindless. And, like I have stated, they always end on a high note, up-beat and positive.


Sure they can be silly and sometimes down right stupid, but that’s what I love about them, they are just entertainment with no real social agenda, no real point besides entertaining you.


I think we all need to have a “Cat in the Hat” type of day at least once a month, a time to reset the mind, a time to shut down thinking and a time to just allow the simple things to be enough.



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 The last few days I have been working my but off.  You may remember that I, along with 2 other partners owned a Catholic Gift Shop, and we a had to close up, Well over the past few days we have been having a garage sale, trying to clearance over 40 boxes of merchandise. 


What a pain it is to set up, and take down each day, my garage is packed with stuff, there is no room to move, it takes us 40 minutes each morning to set it all out again, and yesterday we had to do it twice, you see we set up once and no sooner did we get it all out, it started to rain, so we had to put it all back…. Then later that day it cleared all up and we set it all out again… UGGGGG, what a lot of work!


Delays in life are part of life, and yes life is a lot of work. How often do we set up our life, get it just as we want it, and BAM life starts to rain on us, so we put it all back and wait it out…. UGGGG, what a lot of work!


Life has a funny way of doing that, once you think you got it, you no sooner learn that you really don’t have it. You think its all set, you can move on and the rain rolls in and you rush around to cover it all up, pack it back in the boxes they came from and place them back in the garage of your mind, waiting  for the rain to end and the sun  to shine once again.


But all too often we just leave it packed away because it’s to much work to unpack all the memories. The pain we felt once, we will have to feel again, the joy we once new, we will once again have to relive, along with all the other emotions, and all to often that is just to much work, to painful…. UGGG, what a lot of work!


After the rain cleared we once again set up the garage sale, yes it was a lot of work, but it was worth it, and yes we had to put it all away, and yes we will be taking it all out again today, and yes we will but it all back tonight… UGGGGG what a lot of work, but each time it gets easier, each time it’s less and less stuff, and to tell the truth, it feels good to see the stuff going, to see less and less stuff to repack.


Much like life, each time we unpack our life, the easer it will get, and each time we repack it, to place it all back in the boxes put them back in to spaces of our mind it will get easier, and yes we will learn to enjoy the process and we will grow and gain much knowledge about ourselves.


But… UGGGG what a lot of work!



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Well Blogers… I have no ideas to talk about today. It seems that my mind has decided on Blog is enough (I also blog at www.staticyouth.wordpress.com). I am drawing a blank.


But that’s ok, because sometimes nothing is what is needed. We live I a world that over thinks everything, being in the political season w see this on TV all the time, they analyze the laugh of one candidate, the shirt of another that the food one other is eating….


It can all become too much! And sometimes we just need to shut it off. So I figure that’s what my mind is doing today, shutting of when it comes to change. But one again that’s ok, the rest will do me some good, allowing me to refresh my thoughts and decide where I want to go next.


Lets just hope it turns back on…



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Each day we live is a new chance to change our lives, to make a difference in the world and to create a better tomorrow.


All too often we look at life as one line string of events, never changing and for ever in despair, or greatness, depending on your view point.


But reality states differently. We have new life, more chances each and everyday. We wake up to billions of possibilities, and can seek out new horizons at the blink of an eye.


We are not limited in our possibilities, only limited in our own ability to imagine them. We have a mind that knows no limits, we can dream of any reality we want, and we have a will that can choose to interact with that dream, and create for ourselves a new reality.


But all too often we choose not to, we allow the human condition to take over, allow the doubt and distress to enter in to our dreams, and fall to the temptation if notness.


Notness is the ability to take a dream, a possibility and turn it in to a nothing. Notness works like this:


I can not do this

It is not possible

I do not have the time

I am not smart


That is notness, a overriding thought that removes from us our innate ability to dream, our courage to live out all possibilities. Notness drowns us in negitivness, and allows us to navigate away from the center core of ourselves, the core that belives in ourselves, that allows and promotes the possibilities and dreams that define us, and create us as different and unique creations.


But the good news is that each notness can be converted, changes and turned in to a positive statement, we can over come notness, and defeat it, banish it from ourselves, never allowing it to enter in to our conciseness again.


Possibilities is what created all that we see, and all that we are, notness is what is destroying it all, eating away at the fabric of life, one dream and possibility at a time.  


So start today, and remove one notness from your life, pick one dream, one possibility and run with it, start small or start large, and don’t give up!



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