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 The last few days I have been working my but off.  You may remember that I, along with 2 other partners owned a Catholic Gift Shop, and we a had to close up, Well over the past few days we have been having a garage sale, trying to clearance over 40 boxes of merchandise. 


What a pain it is to set up, and take down each day, my garage is packed with stuff, there is no room to move, it takes us 40 minutes each morning to set it all out again, and yesterday we had to do it twice, you see we set up once and no sooner did we get it all out, it started to rain, so we had to put it all back…. Then later that day it cleared all up and we set it all out again… UGGGGG, what a lot of work!


Delays in life are part of life, and yes life is a lot of work. How often do we set up our life, get it just as we want it, and BAM life starts to rain on us, so we put it all back and wait it out…. UGGGG, what a lot of work!


Life has a funny way of doing that, once you think you got it, you no sooner learn that you really don’t have it. You think its all set, you can move on and the rain rolls in and you rush around to cover it all up, pack it back in the boxes they came from and place them back in the garage of your mind, waiting  for the rain to end and the sun  to shine once again.


But all too often we just leave it packed away because it’s to much work to unpack all the memories. The pain we felt once, we will have to feel again, the joy we once new, we will once again have to relive, along with all the other emotions, and all to often that is just to much work, to painful…. UGGG, what a lot of work!


After the rain cleared we once again set up the garage sale, yes it was a lot of work, but it was worth it, and yes we had to put it all away, and yes we will be taking it all out again today, and yes we will but it all back tonight… UGGGGG what a lot of work, but each time it gets easier, each time it’s less and less stuff, and to tell the truth, it feels good to see the stuff going, to see less and less stuff to repack.


Much like life, each time we unpack our life, the easer it will get, and each time we repack it, to place it all back in the boxes put them back in to spaces of our mind it will get easier, and yes we will learn to enjoy the process and we will grow and gain much knowledge about ourselves.


But… UGGGG what a lot of work!



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Well Blogers… I have no ideas to talk about today. It seems that my mind has decided on Blog is enough (I also blog at www.staticyouth.wordpress.com). I am drawing a blank.


But that’s ok, because sometimes nothing is what is needed. We live I a world that over thinks everything, being in the political season w see this on TV all the time, they analyze the laugh of one candidate, the shirt of another that the food one other is eating….


It can all become too much! And sometimes we just need to shut it off. So I figure that’s what my mind is doing today, shutting of when it comes to change. But one again that’s ok, the rest will do me some good, allowing me to refresh my thoughts and decide where I want to go next.


Lets just hope it turns back on…



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Each day we live is a new chance to change our lives, to make a difference in the world and to create a better tomorrow.


All too often we look at life as one line string of events, never changing and for ever in despair, or greatness, depending on your view point.


But reality states differently. We have new life, more chances each and everyday. We wake up to billions of possibilities, and can seek out new horizons at the blink of an eye.


We are not limited in our possibilities, only limited in our own ability to imagine them. We have a mind that knows no limits, we can dream of any reality we want, and we have a will that can choose to interact with that dream, and create for ourselves a new reality.


But all too often we choose not to, we allow the human condition to take over, allow the doubt and distress to enter in to our dreams, and fall to the temptation if notness.


Notness is the ability to take a dream, a possibility and turn it in to a nothing. Notness works like this:


I can not do this

It is not possible

I do not have the time

I am not smart


That is notness, a overriding thought that removes from us our innate ability to dream, our courage to live out all possibilities. Notness drowns us in negitivness, and allows us to navigate away from the center core of ourselves, the core that belives in ourselves, that allows and promotes the possibilities and dreams that define us, and create us as different and unique creations.


But the good news is that each notness can be converted, changes and turned in to a positive statement, we can over come notness, and defeat it, banish it from ourselves, never allowing it to enter in to our conciseness again.


Possibilities is what created all that we see, and all that we are, notness is what is destroying it all, eating away at the fabric of life, one dream and possibility at a time.  


So start today, and remove one notness from your life, pick one dream, one possibility and run with it, start small or start large, and don’t give up!



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