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How to live a positive life:

The first place to begin is with journaling. Buy a 99 cent notebook and start journaling about what was great the day before. Write one or two wonderful things from yesterday – even if it is that you walked your dog! It must be something that made you feel good and the bigger your sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, the better. Do this daily starting today

The idea behind this is to make you aware of the positive aspects of the previous day, and to start your day off on a positive note. It is important that you do this in the morning, before you start your day. positive Wake up 5 minutes earlier, sit in a quiet place, have a nice cup of coffee or tea and write down all the positive things that has happened to you the day before.

You can make list, or just free form write, it can be in a poem or story, whatever way it works best for you. The key to the whole exercise is to write down positive events from the previous day.

We all too often look to the negative in life, and in the current economic conditions, seeing positive is a hard thing to do. But if we truly look, we can find positive in almost every situation.

As an example, my sister was been out of work for the past 5 months, in the beginning she was able to see the positive in this, she is a single mother, and her daughter just had hip surgery and she needed to be home to take care of her, if she was still employed she would have to have taken unpaid leave of absence.  But being out of work, she got unemployment benefits. As time went on, the idea of no work started to wear on her, but she tried to keep an upbeat outlook, knowing something will happen, and knowing that I, her brother would help out anyway I could. But the stress finally took its toll, and her outlook really started to do down. I kept reminding her, much to her displeasure, that it will all be ok; to look at the positive side of what was happening.  She asked what positive is there, and so I would list a few that I saw:

1.       You always wanted to be a stay at home mom

2.       You can look in to going back to school to learn a skill you want to do

3.       You do not have to worried about or stress about whether you will have a job tomorrow,

4.       You’re out of an industry that is changing and down sizing.

The list can go on, but you get the idea, look for the positive, and find it somewhere. Sure my sister also gave me a list of negatives, and yes they are valid, but my response to her was always the same, what good does it do to dwell on the negative. Yes, you have to face them, but would it not be easier to face them with a positive outlook?

Our outlook on life plays a large part in how we live our life, so if we start to teach ourselves to look for the positive, then we will start to see it in all kinds of places. Mother Theresa could not have done what she did, if she was not able to see the positive in her daily work. She saw Christ in all she met, that is a very positive outlook.

A positive outlook is considered one of the most important aspects of healing. The health care industry has spent millions of dollars on research to study the effects of a positive outlook, and has found that a positive outlook is one of the most important aspects of a speedy recovery. Employers have found the same results for keeping employees and hiring new ones. Not only is the outlook of the individual important, but also the corporate outlook.

We also see this playing a role in our spiritual life, we all too often look at the negative aspect of our spiritual journey, and downplay the positive. If we truly look at our life situation, I think we will see that the positive outweighs the negative; the key is to look for it, and not to allow the negative to control out outlook.

So pick up that journal today, and tomorrow morning, first thing, write down at least 3 positive things from the day before, and allow the positive energy to guide your day.


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Dark times happen to all of us, we all go through a time in our lives where all seems dark and damp, for some of us it happens only once and for others it happens more often, but regardless, it happens. If it hasn’t happened yet it will.


Mother Teresa went thought it, has did all the saints as I am sure it did to all great people of history. Jesus Christ himself went through a dark time, when he was in the garden; dark times are part of our life.


It’s not bad to have dark times, in fact I think it’s healthy, it acts as a cleansing time, but they can seem like the end of it all, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s not; rather think of it as the start of a new adventure, one of unlimited possibilities, one of hope and promise.


As with most things in our life, it is our outlook on the dark times that determines our outcome. Sure it is hard to have a positive outlook when life seems like it is imploding on you, bringing you down, and coloring all you see with shades of black. But it’s not impossible, nothing is.


We all have our dark times, and we all overcome them sooner or latter, It is said that Mother Teresa had years of darkness in her life. But one would never know it, based on her works of charity and love. It’s not that she was putting on an act for all to see, but rather she was using this darkness to find the light in the world, she was using this time of despair to fine joy and happiness. Her soul was heavy with nothingness; she states that she felt at times that God had left her and that she would never feel his presence again. But it was that wanting and needing God that kept her motivated, happy and positive.


We all can learn a lot from that little lady of Calcutta; she spent most of her life in darkness, but lived her life as if it was shinning forth with greatness; Most of us live or life of darkness, with only despair on the horizon.


How sad, to live ones life as if there is no hope, no concern or charity in this life. Most of us have more then we need, yet we fail to see or accept it for what it is.


So when the dark moments arrive, stop and think of Jesus and his despair in the garden or Mother Teresa’s life of darkness, and how they used the despair to make this world a better place, so really hw dark can your moments be? How much despair can you really feel? Yes we all do go through dark moments, some more then others, but we all do, its not the darkness that is despairing, its how we choose to live it out, how we choose to use these moments, we can choose to use it for self-pity or we can choose to use it to change the world we live in. Mother Teresa changed the world one person at a time, starting first with herself; we can choose to do the same.



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